France to Fund/Arm Al Qaeda in Syria

Meanwhile, US-backed terror rips across Iraq, as Saudi-Qatari coddled Iraqi vice president is sentenced to death.
by Tony Cartalucci

September 10, 2012 –  The French government has ignored the will of voters who ousted warmonger Nicolas Sarkozy in recent elections, and is continuing its unpopular military adventurism abroad as well as its support for militant terrorism across the Arab World.

France has announced that it will be funding and arming terrorists operating along Syria’s boarders, offering them heavy weapons, just as they did in Libya last year. In fact, the US-British and UN-listed terrorists assisted into power in Libya, are now leading death squads currently ravaging Syria – disingenuously portrayed as “indigenous” “freedom fighters” by the Western press.

Hollande (right) after paying lip service to French voters, set out almost immediately betraying campaign promises to end foreign military adventurism and is in fact picking up right where ousted Nicholas Sarkozy left off, leading the West’s destabilization and destruction of Syria through funding the very Libyan terrorists his predecessor assisted into power in Tripoli.

The Hindu, in their article, “France to fund opposition in Syria,” reported:

“Reuters quoted a “diplomatic source” as saying France had started supporting parts of Syria that are apparently being controlled by the armed opposition. More alarmingly, the report pointed out that Paris was considering supplying heavy artillery to anti-government fighters — a move that would harden the possibility of a full-blown civil war in the country.”

International condemnation led by Russia, China, and Iran have pointed out that the so-called “armed opposition” constitutes sectarian extremists, many of which have direct ties to Al Qaeda, many of which are also not even Syrian, betraying the West’s unraveling narrative. France’s recent announcement Continue reading