Full translation of Saadi Gaddafi Phone Call to Al Arabiya

Translation by I.A Libya

Source: Lizzie Phelan Blog

Saadi: …..There will be a large uprising that will comprise of a number of uprisings which will break out throughout Libya, in the south, the west and in the east, there will not be a region where there won’t be a new peoples uprising.
Broadcaster:  I understand from what you say that have you been in direct contact with people within Libya that there will be an uprising, who have you been in contact with?

Saadi: Of course, I have been in almost daily contact with people within Libya from here in Niger, of course these calls are concerning just the uprising, these are with our family and tribes and the current situation in Libya, and how the people are doing and of course their situation is very very grave since what has happened. I have also been in contact with the militias and the tribes of 17th Feb, members of the NTC and the National Army and let me tell you that approximately  70% of the people in Libya be it, both Pro-Gaddafi and pro 17thFeb, these people 70% are not satisfied with the current situation in Libya and all are ready to rise up and to change the current situation for the good of their country.
Broadcaster: When you say uprising, you mean a “an armed uprising” for example? Continue reading

Libya – News from the “Raed” cell of the green strength (December 21, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Haraka Elmokawama Libya, fighters of the “Raed” cell of the army of liberation of Libya, has conducted several operations in the last 10 days.

They controlled the road between Eljabel Elguerbi and Nalout and Misrata to clean Libya from rebels.

During two nights, they destroyed rebel weapon stockpiles with explosives.

They even managed to raise the population in Benghazi against the CNT.

Source: Algeria ISP

Libya – The rebel camp No. 27 between Zawiya and Tripoli was attacked with heavy weapons – see video (11/11/2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, violent clashes between fighters of the Liberation Army and the rebels took place in camp No. 27 located between the city and the capital Tripoli Zawiya.

The large green revolution has begun and that God will help Army fighters of the liberation of Libya to clean the land of traitors and foreign mercenaries.

Source: Algeria ISP

Libya: Another roadside bomb kills 2 two mercenaries in Yefren

According to latest reports at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtered when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. The Libyan Defense Forces have separated in to small units and have started the guerrilla warfare throughout the nation. Previous reports indicated that teams of up to 30 are implementing sabotage missions.

Previously 8 NATO Mercenaries were killed similarly in the desert High Way which connects Sirte with Waddan.

Source: Ozyism

Libya – News from the resistance fighter “Alae” (October 24, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena Today (October 24th) on Syrian TV Al Rai, an intervention of the Libyan resistance fighter ‘Alae’ giving the news from the front as follows:

He confirmed that the Mujahid Seif el-Islam Gadhafi, and Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, are together and they are healthy and in a safe place.
He added that the Libyan army is still strong and there are 202 volunteers from the Egypt who arrived yesterday.

He said again that we will hear good news from the Libyan resistance in the next 2 days.

He also said that the convoy of the hero martyr, freedom fighter Muammar Gaddafi was surrounded by seven Apache helicopters ….

Source: Algeria ISP

The News of Libya: October the 12th (19:00)

The Great Liberation Friday

According to new reports, preparations for a large scale attack this Friday, October 14, 2011, are underway in all the occupied cities of Libya. Groups organize and refine their strategies to conduct their operations with maximum efficiency. Calls are made on the internet such as “Al Hajj” today at 8:45, the content is as follows:

“To all the Mujahedeen civilian or military, be prepared to begin the release this Friday at dawn. Be the killer commandos ready. Be the snipers on the rooftops. Be the anti-personnel mines and anti-tank planted on the sides of streets. Be the Molotov Cocktails that are easy to make ready. Kill the rats, no mercy, yell “Allahou Akbar Kabeera”, be victorious. Be glorious. May Allah help us .. Allah is the Almighty! ”

 As for others who read these lines, do not forget your du’a so that every action is a success, because success only comes from Allah

To be continued …

Source: Hassan Alliby (Angeeverse)

The News of Libya: October the 11th

The lesson of Afghanistan hasn’t been learned. Many English came into resistance by asking authorities in their country to withdraw its troops from there. In France, we must take citizens out of their lethargic state of mind. The lesson from Iraq, too, was rejected. In the words of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe: “NATO is a terrorist organization”. There are fools in Europe. Fools who refuse and reject the truth, fools who defy international law. ” He is right.

The Libyan invasion of NATO declined in revolution and its attendant deaths does not seem to be a lesson. Predators who set fire around the world only for their comfort. What is Africa to theem? Nothing, apparently. NATO, weighed down by abysmal losses, is trying to survive through terror, but against a proud people, bombs, tanks and missiles are nothing.  After nearly 62 000 deaths, according to current estimates, it is still necessary to kill 50 000 Libyans for the Benghazi Continue reading