Libyan Resistance at the gates of Tripoli – 24/12/2011

Intense clashes have been reported in Janzour, loud explosion report near Alghrat mosque in Tripoli, NATO Mercenaries clash each other in the outskirts of Zlitan using tanks and heavy anti-aircraft machine guns, residents have been ordered to stay indoors for the next 24 hours until things calm down.

Source: Ozyism

23 NATO mercenaries killed in Benghazi

According to latest reports at least 23 people have been killed when clashes broke out between NATO Mercenaries and Tribal fighters in the port town of Benghazi. Intense clashes have also been reported in Tripoli and other Western towns.

Some reports indicate that the Tribe of Wershefana has declared war against NATO Mercenaries and NATO. This comes as NATO Occupying Forces declared that they will pronounce a new occupying regime by next Sunday. Similar declarations were made multiple times but NATO continuously failed to produce an occupying regime due to the opposition of the people.

Source: Ozyism

Libya – The exploits of the army for the liberation of Libya Zawiya (November 13, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Zengtena the fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya conducted various operations Zawiya which weakened the rebels.

The exploits of the combatants of the Liberation Army of Libya:

15 rebels were killed in Zawiya
25 rebels were imprisoned Zawiya
6 pickups destroyed
8 pickups equipped with weapons of caliber 106 requisitioned
5 pickups equipped with 14.5-weapons requisitioned
3 battle tanks and 3 pickups equipped with spears grad missiles
8 Chevrolet cars