Armed JAMAHIRIYA supporters and civilians strike back in Benghazi

After the liberation of Bani Walid intense clashes have been taking place in Benghazi and Tripoli. In the above video you can see the Green flag being carried by the crowd, it isn’t clear how NATO Mercenaries would respond to Libyan awakening. Mercenaries earlier stated that they would bomb Bani Walid using the few surviving fighter Jets of Libya.

Source: Ozyism

The News Of Libya: October the 1st 2011 (12h50)

Two days ago, the Libyan forces have organized an action in Tripoli. Yesterday, reports from the field, said that Khamis Al-Qadhafi has given an ultimatum to the mercenaries and their masters before the “cleaning of Tripoli.” To show who was “the boss”, he destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA. The headquarters of the Resistance reported that documents were seized and taken to safety. These documents outline the proof of the direct participation of the United States of America in the crimes against Libya. Continue reading