That’s how mutant FSA terrorists control over 70% of Syria …


Mutant FSA terrorists starts a brigade in Hama, then they start a brigade in Idleb, then they start a brigade in Homs, but there’s something in common each time: same room, same people, same weapons, same pose.. only different cities..

That’s how mutant FSA terrorists control over 70% of Syria, they’re everywhere with their room.

Source: New Syria

Syria Update: Authorities inflict heavy losses upon terrorists in Aleppo, Homs and Hama, raid terrorists’ hideout in Qamishli

PROVINCES- Authorities in Aleppo on Tuesday carried out a qualitative operation in al-Bandara neighborhood and inflicted heavy losses upon the mercenary terrorists, SANA reporter said.

The reporter quoted an official source in Aleppo province as saying that units of the armed forces carried out another qualitative operation around Radio and TV broadcasting area in the city of Aleppo, arresting two terrorists and killing the others.

The source told SANA that six bomb boxes, ammunition, rifles, sniper rifles, a PKC machine gun, military uniforms and medical materials were confiscated in teh operation.

The source said that the security authorities clashed with terrorists in the area of Sheikh Saad in the city of Aleppo and kill a number of them and wound others.

Clashes also broke out between the security authorities and a number of terrorists in al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city.

SANA reporter said that 7 terrorists were killed in the clashes.

Explosive Device Explodes in Car in Jaramana, Damascus Countryside, Killing Driver

Last night, in Jaramana, Damascus Countryside, an explosive device detonated in a car causing the killing of its driver.

The device was attached to the car by an armed terrorist group.

Authorities Confront Terrorists Who Mortared al-Mashrafah Village in Homs, Inflict Heavy Losses upon them

The authorities in Homs province  confronted last night a group of armed terrorists who mortared al-Mashrafah village in eastern Homs causing injury to a number the citizens.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the authorities succeeded in inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists and destroying their DShk-eqipped vehicles.

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BREAKING: Authorities Foil infiltration attempts by terrorists from Lebanon into Syria

HOMS, HAMA, (Source: SANA)-The competent Authorities today foiled two infiltration attempts by armed terrorist groups from the Lebanese lands into Syria at al-Arida and al-Armouta towns in Homs countryside.  

A source in Homs told SANA reporter that the authorities clashed with the armed groups, killing a number of gunmen and wounding others while several of them fled back to the Lebanese lands.

Authorities discover a warehouse for manufacturing explosives while storming one of the terrorists’ dens in Hama

Competent authorities in Hama discovered today a warehouse for manufacturing explosives while storming one of the terrorists’ dens.

A source in Hama told SANA reporter that the authorities confiscated ammunitions, explosives, and a number of communication sets.

The authorities said that released citizen Muss’if Omar al-Tatan who was abducted several days ago by the armed terrorist groups.