Nine Cars Equipped with Machineguns Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Aleppo

PROVINCES, (Source: SANA) – The armed forces on Tuesday ambushed a group of terrorists in a qualitative operation in Handarat town in Aleppo countryside.

The armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists and destroyed their cars.

Nine Cars Equipped with Machineguns Destroyed, Terrorists Killed in Aleppo

The authorities clashed with armed terrorist groups driving 4WD cars equipped with Dushka machineguns which were perpetrating killing and sabotage acts in Daret Azzeh and Qibtan al-Jabal in Aleppo countryside.

A source in Aleppo province told SANA reporter that the clashes resulted in destroying 9 cars and the killing of all the terrorists in them.

Armed Forces Chase Vanquished Terrorists in Salah Eddin Neighborhood in Aleppo

Armed forces continued chasing terrorists in Salah Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo , inflicted heavy losses upon them and seized their weapons.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorists Ammar Abdul-Hai, Ahmad Abdul-Haj Qasem, Anas Haj Othman, Omar Ahmad Barakat, Ibrahim Manafikhi and Ahmad Yousef Janoudi were indentified among the dead.

Authorities Pursue Armed Terrorist Groups in Aleppo, Killing 17 Terrorists Continue reading

Large Number of Terrorists Killed or Arrested in Damascus, Heavy Losses Inflicted upon Terrorists in Homs and Idleb

PROVINCES, (SANA)- Units from the Armed Forces on Wednesday chased down terrorists who infiltrated into al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus and killed and arrested a large number of them.

The military units also chased down terrorists who terrorized some families in the neighborhoods of al-Qaboun and Tishreen and forced them to leave their homes.

Terrorists in al-Qseir, Homs, Suffer Heavy Losses

The competent authorities in Homs countryside on Wednesday clashed with an armed terrorist group which attacked security forces in the villages of al-Joura, al-Nizariya, Rabla and al-Zira in al-Qseir.

SANA reporter quoted an official source in Homs governorate as saying that the competent authorities inflicted huge losses upon the terrorists.

Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Idleb Countryside, Inflict Heavy Losses upon Them

The competent authorities on Tuesday tracked down an armed terrorist group in Selqin and Kafar Takharim towns in Idleb countryside.

An official source in the province told SANA reporter that the clashes resulted in inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists, pointing out that among the terrorists who were killed during clashes were the bodies of Mohannad Hassoun, Ahmad al-Daher, Mustafa Hamida and Wael Mazroui.

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Towards Reconciliation: more than 300 fighters ready to surrender in Homs

Homs (Agenzia Fides) – More than 300 fighters in the various armed factions of the Syrian opposition in Homs have agreed to surrender, to come under the protection of the interfaith People’s Committee “Mussalaha” and continue an “unarmed political opposition.”

This is the result of a historic agreement promoted by the movement “Mussalaha” (“Reconciliation”), born spontaneously from Syrian civil society, which is gaining the confidence of all the warring parties, families, clans, communities, sectors of the government and armed opposition.

The more than 300 armed are mostly young people who are barricaded in several streets in the old town of Homs such as Khalidiye, Jouret al shiyah, Qarabis, Hamidiyah, Bustan Diwan and surrounding areas, still besieged by the forces of the Syrian army. Overall, it is estimated that the armed fighters in that area of the old city are more than 1,000.

The Committee of “Mussalaha” in Homs, which includes the Syrian Catholic priest Fr. Michel Naaman, and other Muslim religious leaders and several civil society leaders and community representatives, after a lengthy mediation effort, managed to achieve something unthinkable until yesterday. “The 300 young people ready to lay down arms are young teenagers who had decided to fight, due to the spirit and ideals of the revolution. Among them are relatives, children, friends, people that are part of Mussalaha and this has greatly facilitated dialogue and agreement. They are the children of the Syrian people,” the priest of Homs told Fides.

Young people had warranties that the Syrian army, on laying down its arms, will be free and will be able to continue a “non-violent political opposition.” The Committee of “Mussalaha” will be the guarantor of their safety and freedom, in an atmosphere that wants to encourage confrontation, dialogue and reconciliation. It is not excluded, the “Mussalaha” leaders noted, that many other fighters can follow this example and come under the tutelage of the Committee for reconciliation.

The main problem, note sources of Fides, is represented now by over 100 armed men who are not Syrian and are present in the area and who have no intention or possibility to qualify for this delicate operation of “internal Syrian dialogue.” They demand the involvement of the Red Cross, so this is why representatives of the CRI are alerted for a possible intervention in the mediation. (PA)

(Source: Agenzia Fides 10/7/2012)

Homs : tout ce qui est raconté est à l’envers


Par Silvia Cattori

En nous entretenant avec un habitant de Homs qui observe ce qui se passe au jour le jour dans son pays – (*Entretien réalisé le 22 juin 2012 et traduit simultanément de l’arabe en français par Mme Rima ATASSI. Pour des raisons évidentes nous ne révélons pas le nom de notre témoin, un cadre indépendant, âgé de 61 ans, qui réside à Homs) – nous avons appris que les forces gouvernementales n’ont pas bombardé la ville de Homs, ces dix derniers jours, comme rapporté par la presse internationale.

Homs – Une “image-document” publiée par Shaam News de l’opposition syrienne.

Ainsi, tout ce qui nous est raconté par les médias est à l’envers. Il n’est pas vrai que Homs est pilonnée par l’armée gouvernementale depuis dix jours. Il n’est pas vrai que les autorités syriennes empêchent le CICR d’accéder aux blessés et aux malades. Il n’est pas vrai que Homs est une ville assiégée par les forces gouvernementales. Ce sont quelques centaines de rebelles qui pilonnent, qui massacrent, qui maintiennent une partie de la ville de Homs et de sa population, sous siège. Continue reading

Syria: 800 civilians detained in Homs by “Aboman”

Terrorists in Homs


Vatican agency Fides has reported that around 800 civilians of different sects are detained in several neighborhoods of Homs. They appealed for competent parties to leave the areas in which insurgents take control over. “Syrian Arab Army announced its willingness to allow all civilians to leave, but a terrorist called Faysal “Aboman” refused to allow citizens to leave, claiming that their departure may open the door for Syrian Arab Army to break into the very areas in which gunmen control, asserting that militants use residents as human shields in their confrontation with Syrian Arab Army, which has been giving great sacrifices in order to save souls”.

On the other hand, the Vatican agency quoted witnesses, “a group of militants have occupied the Church of St. Elijah of the Roman Catholics near Homs; break the gates and converted it into a base by who seemed to be radical Islamic members”.

Officials condemn such unrespectable act that pays no respect for the holiness of the place. Church authorities in Homs Parish has requested not let conflicts slides into desecration of churches and holy sacred sites for all religions which live side-by-side in Syria.

Source: Breaking News

BREAKING: Authorities Foil infiltration attempts by terrorists from Lebanon into Syria

HOMS, HAMA, (Source: SANA)-The competent Authorities today foiled two infiltration attempts by armed terrorist groups from the Lebanese lands into Syria at al-Arida and al-Armouta towns in Homs countryside.  

A source in Homs told SANA reporter that the authorities clashed with the armed groups, killing a number of gunmen and wounding others while several of them fled back to the Lebanese lands.

Authorities discover a warehouse for manufacturing explosives while storming one of the terrorists’ dens in Hama

Competent authorities in Hama discovered today a warehouse for manufacturing explosives while storming one of the terrorists’ dens.

A source in Hama told SANA reporter that the authorities confiscated ammunitions, explosives, and a number of communication sets.

The authorities said that released citizen Muss’if Omar al-Tatan who was abducted several days ago by the armed terrorist groups.


‘NATO behind Houla massacre’

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has said that most of the civilian victims of last week’s massacre in the Syrian town of Houla were executed

Over 100 civilians were killed in a massacre in the western town of Houla on May 25.

Meanwhile, a number of Western governments have recalled their ambassadors and high-ranking diplomats from Syria in protest to the killing of at least 108 people.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country and that security forces have been given clear instructions not to harm civilians.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research, to hear his opinion on this issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: First of all I like to get your opinion on the double standard being adopted by the international community, by and large when it comes to Syria specifically with regards to this Houla massacre where most of the civilians were killed at point-blank range and not by the artillery and tanks as many claimed?

Wasif: Well unfortunately yes there is a double standard Continue reading

Syria News 27/05/2012. Comments from Syrian citizens on the Hawlah massacre

Citizens tell their story and their suffers because of the terrorists backed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia
* New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in Homs Countryside Prior to Annan’s Visit.
* Makdissi: Syria Has the Right to Defend and Protect its Nationals.
* Makdissi: condemned in strongest terms this terrorist massacre against the Syrian civilians as he condemned accusing the Syrian forces of doing that.
* Makdissi: those who commit the killing are not the army but the armed terrorist groups.
* Terrorists Fire Mortar Rounds on Neighborhoods in Homs, Gunmen Arrested in Clash with Authorities in Douma
* Authorities Seize Explosive Device Factory and Repository in Homs
* Armed Terrorist Group Burglarizes SYP 12 Million in Albu Kamal.
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Syrian security forces arrest foreign Intelligence and Special Forces Operating within Rebel ranks

Syrian forces retook control of Baba Amr neighborhood on Thursday

Syrian government forces have arrested a large number of gunmen with different nationalities in Baba Amr neighborhood in the restive city of Homs.

According to reports many of those detained are Arab nationals, among them Qatari intelligence agents. Others are reportedly from Afghanistan, Turkey and a number of European countries, including France.

The security forces have also seized sophisticated Israeli, European and American-made weapons in the area as well as confiscating made-in-Israel shells, rockets and communication equipment.

Syrian forces retook control of the Baba Amr district on Thursday. They discovered tunnels used by the armed terrorist groups to smuggle arms and move from one place to another and seized a large cache of weapons in Baba Amr following an operation to clear the area of armed gangs.

Baba Amr was one of the key strongholds of the Syrian Free Army– an armed group looking to topple the government.

Armed groups have targeted many governmental institutions and security agencies in Syria since mid-March last year when unrest hit the country.

Hundreds of people, including security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

While the West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of the killings, Damascus blames,” saboteurs and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest for orchestrating the violence from abroad.


Syria: For the release of our compatriots and colleagues held captive in Baba Amr

(Editor’s note: Article is also available in French, Italian, German & Arabic HERE)

Several journalists are held in the sealed-off Baba Amr area. According to Atlanticist leaders, they are prevented from leaving by the constant pounding of the rebel stronghold by the Syrian Army. As an on-the-spot privileged witness of the negotiations, Thierry Meyssan gives an account of the situation: the journalists are kept as prisoners by the Free “Syrian” Army which uses them as human shields. Their evacuation by the Syrian Red Crescent has been obstructed by the rebels.

Édith Bouvier and William Daniels

Our colleagues Marie Colvin (Sunday Times) and Remi Ochlik (IP3 Press) were killed on Wednesday, 22 February 2012, in the rebel-held area inside Homs.

According to Western news agencies quoting the Free “Syrian” Army, they were victims of the shelling inflicted by the Damascus forces on the area. However, the National Army made use of multiple rocket launchers only for a very brief period to destroy firing positions, and at no time after 13 February. Furthermore, if it were true that the city was pounded for 21 days, as reported by the news agencies, it would have been reduced to a heap of rubble without a living soul a long time ago.

At least three other journalists still remain in the rebel zone: Edith Bouvier (Le Figaro Magazine), Paul Conroy and William Daniels (Sunday Times), and probably a fourth one of Spanish nationality. Continue reading