Libyan Epiphany: Tomahawks Trump Teachers

[Editor’s note: This article by Dean HENDERSON was initially published in March 21st 2011, at the beginning of the aggressive war of the US and NATO against Libya.]



Events of the past week crystallized the profound hypocrisy and immorality of the American body politic. If you’ve retained any semblance of your humanity, after decades of desensitization at the hands of the military-industrial mafia and their titillating lapdog media, you could not escape the glaring epiphany of a nation with disturbing priorities.

Japan suffered a natural disaster of historic magnitude, is battling an epic nuclear meltdown just as the world was reassured that nuclear power was safe, and struggles to feed its population – especially the elderly in nursing homes. The US has seven large military bases in Japan. The country’s largest ports remain open and undamaged. Yet, instead of focusing every resource at our disposal on the Japanese cataclysm, the Obama Administration – at the urging of colonial masters Britain and France – decided to bomb Libya.

Our erudite and eager-to-please cowboy President pulled a Butch Cassidy and tried to hide out in South America, apparently unaware that most of that continent enjoys better relations with Libya than with the US. American exceptionalism was in short supply. But the empirical band played on.

Republicans – who had busied their fat little fingers (between large slices of American pie) laying waste to unions – quickly abandoned their months-long collective tirade on the merits of fiscal conservatism. While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gleefully handed out pink slips to teachers, General Dynamics demonically ramped up production of its Tomahawk missiles. Defense and oil stocks soared.

Each Tomahawk that blasts a depleted-uranium hole in Libya costs the US taxpayer $1.5 million. As of today, the bill for decimating and decapitating the Libyan people came to $112 million – a small price to pay for a good old fashioned genocide. Rest assured there won’t be a peep out of Republicans as the Pentagon bounces checks to a familiar array of war profiteers.

If education was a national priority, by my calculations we could have instead paid 2,240 teachers $50,000/year and come out even on the Tomahawk expenditure.

But education is not a national priority. Neither is helping faithful ally Japan – whose citizens are tired, scared and starving. Instead, deficit-be-damned, our national priority is to bend over and lick the filthy blood-stained boots of the Rothschild-led City of London-based banking/oil/insurance/reinsurance/mining/agribusiness/pharmaceutical/ syndicate, which will now steal Libya’s petroleum – on our dime.

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