Syrian Army besieges Libyan “Sam”… No choice left, surrender or death

Units of Syrian Army have stormed HQ for a group of snipers that has a foothold in the area of al-Saied Ali in Aleppo.

In an Exclusive statement to Breaking News Network, a military source has revealed that ‘the’ Libyan sniper, known as Sam, has been among the snipers group.

The source indicated that the Libyan sniper may have been injured, ahead being besieged with his snipers’ comrades in the area’s southern sides.

The source confirmed that there’s no choice for the snipers, either to surrender or fight to death.

The sniper, from Irish breeds, had participated in the civil tribal war of Libya last year, where he decided to come to the front of Syria, train and organize the fighters of Syrian opposition.

The Libyan Sam is originally named Husam al-Najar, from a Libyan father and Irish mother.  Continue reading