Great Man Made River Damaged by an explosion

[Editor’s note: This is the new Libya. Total chaos, divisions, insecurity, natural ressources total mismanagement, etc… Just as the West wanted! What once was world’s greatest hydraulic project, bringing water to all Libyans wherever they lived, is being abandonned by the illegitimate government and bombed by mercenaries fighting each other]

According to news from the explosion of a massive pipe Great Man Made River in the town of Beni Walid in terms of area and water Allmat Artfh now in the sky to about 200 meters ..

Interruption of supply to the capital Tripoli from the waters of the river because of the bombing of the river Tobo

Full translation of Saadi Gaddafi Phone Call to Al Arabiya

Translation by I.A Libya

Source: Lizzie Phelan Blog

Saadi: …..There will be a large uprising that will comprise of a number of uprisings which will break out throughout Libya, in the south, the west and in the east, there will not be a region where there won’t be a new peoples uprising.
Broadcaster:  I understand from what you say that have you been in direct contact with people within Libya that there will be an uprising, who have you been in contact with?

Saadi: Of course, I have been in almost daily contact with people within Libya from here in Niger, of course these calls are concerning just the uprising, these are with our family and tribes and the current situation in Libya, and how the people are doing and of course their situation is very very grave since what has happened. I have also been in contact with the militias and the tribes of 17th Feb, members of the NTC and the National Army and let me tell you that approximately  70% of the people in Libya be it, both Pro-Gaddafi and pro 17thFeb, these people 70% are not satisfied with the current situation in Libya and all are ready to rise up and to change the current situation for the good of their country.
Broadcaster: When you say uprising, you mean a “an armed uprising” for example? Continue reading