Assad: US Syria strike ever present


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says an attack by the US is likely despite ongoing peace initiatives by Russia, China and others.

“The possibility of a military offensive will always be present, maybe at one time on the pretext of chemical weapons, and at other times on different pretexts,” he told Caracas-based television network teleSUR late on Wednesday, which broadcasts across Latin America.

“If we take a look at previous (US) wars, at least from the early ’50s, we see that (US) policy is to go from one aggression to the next,” he said, referring to US involvement in conflicts in Korea,Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Not to mention its actions in South America, where it instigated coups and the deaths of millions of people,” he said.

The US has been sidestepping the UN Security Council for decades, violating the UN’s Security Charter, other nations’ sovereignty, and all human and moral values, he said.

He said the US was a “great power,” and that “good relations are possible on condition of mutual respect.” But he questioned whether this could be achieved given the US dissemination of “terrorism, destruction and fear.”

Al-Assad also drew parallels between his country’s position in international politics and those of Latin American socialist nations Venezuela and Cuba.

“The trajectory of Latin America is the same as the one that Arab countries should follow,” he said.

Late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez represented “a path to independence and freedom,” he said. Chavez and Cuba’s former revolutionary and president Fidel Castro “follow the same line, see things from the same perspective, and take the same path.”

Chavez’s successor, current President Nicolas Maduro, also “possesses the tenacity, the energy of our region,” he said.

Chavez, Maduro and Castro have all made their own repeated verbal attacks on the US. Anti-US positions have also been expressed by fellow left-leaning Latin American countries Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Asked about the political consequences in Syria of a US attack, he said such a move would impact the whole of the Middle East.

“The world is a small village, what happens in Syria will affect surrounding countries and the most distant parts of the planet.”
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Syria – Thousands of Prayers at Umayyad Mosque Go out on Rally in Rejection of AL Decision and Foreign Interference


After performing the Friday Prayers at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, thousands of prayers went out on a rally titled ‘The Mosques Are Ours’ to express rejection of the Arab League (AL) decision to suspend Syria’s membership and their support to Syria’s national independent and sovereign decision.

Tens of cars also set off from al-Hassan Mosque in al-Midan neighborhood on a rally in rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs and support to the reform program going on in the country.

Mass crowd of citizens gathered in Saba’ Bahrat Square chanting slogans against the AL decision on Syria and foreign interference, expressing support to their country’s national independent decision.

In the coastal city of Lattakia, thousands of citizens voluntarily gathered near Haroun roundabout condemning the AL decision against Syria.

Source: Sana

Syrian Tartous Rejects Foreign Interference, Voices Support to Reform & Stability

More than half a million Syrian citizens from Tartous and its countryside gathered on the Coastal Corniche in a mass rally to express their support to the comprehensive reform process led by President Bashar al-Assad.

The participants expressed rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, thanking Russia, China and the friendly countries for their stances in support of Syria at the international forums.

The crowds greeted the Syrian army members for their sacrifices for the sake of preserving Syria’s safety and security, stressing that the Syrian people adore freedom and reject injustice and they will always be.

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