Al-Halki: Confronting the Concept of Humanitarian Interference Poses Real Challenge for NAM

TEHRAN_ Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halki said that the Non-Aligned Movement has played a central role and achieved notable successes in international issues of concern to its member countries, especially ending colonialism, eliminating racial discrimination, the demilitarization and development.

In his speech at the 16 NAM Summit in Tehran, al-Halki said that the international community has agreed to combat the scourge of terrorism that is threatening stability in many countries, but defining terrorism and means of combating it have remained hostage to double-standard policies and political wrangling.

”Confronting the concept of humanitarian interference and the responsibility of protection pose a real challenge for the Non-Aligned Movement Continue reading

Official Source Affirms Syria’s Rejection and Condemnation of All That Was Said and Announced in the Meeting of Syria’s Enemies in Tunisia

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – An official source announced on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic that Syria rejects and condemns all that was said and announced in the meeting of Syria’s enemies in Tunisia.

The source said that this meeting is the result of the failure of the plans of those who conspired against Syria and its people, stressing that Syria denounces the calls for funding armed group which constitutes support for terrorism and directly harms the interests of the Syrian people.

The source affirmed that all that resulted from the meeting is considered blatant interference in Syria’s internal affairs, saluting the Tunisian people who rallied to express outrage over holding this meeting in their country.

The source said that Syria calls upon the national opposition factions which refused to participate in the meeting of Syria’s enemies to participate in national dialogue as soon as possible and become partners in building Syria’s future.

The source noted that the Syrians were aware that murder, destruction, misdirection and conspiring escalated as the reform process progressed, affirming that the Syrian government calls upon the Syrian masses to shoulder their responsibility by voting in the referendum on the constitution on Sunday and participate in the democratic process.

“Those who practice violence in Syria are armed groups supported by some Arab and western countries… the government of the Syrian Arab Republic can only work to guarantee the security of its people and protect Syrians’ properties from destruction,” the source said.

The source concluded by saying that the Syrian government calls upon those who bear arms against innocent civilians and break into schools to disrupt studies to come to their senses and stop destroying their country because the only ones who benefit from that are the enemies of Syria and the Arab nation.

By H. Sabbagh

Source: Sana