Les mensonges de la propagande de guerre française au Mali

Par Mohamed Tahar Bensaada | le 14 janvier, 2013 – 09:02

Cocorico ! La France aura bien eu sa « tempête de désert ». Hollande a pris la « courageuse » décision d’envoyer les hélicoptères Gazelle des forces spéciales de l’armée de terre, des Mirage 2000D et des Rafale contre les colonnes des djihadistes qui menacent la sécurité de l’Europe.

Dans cette guerre, la France n’a pas besoin de justification supplémentaire, il suffit qu’elle ressasse la propagande rôdée désormais au fil des dernières guerres de l’Empire, elle intervient pour sauver le peuple malien et pour les droits de l’Homme. Les intérêts de la France, au premier rang desquels le contrôle des mines d’uranium du Niger voisin, ne viendraient qu’en second lieu. Comme d’habitude, les médias de l’hexagone ont rivalisé dans le rôle qui leur est dévolu : la fabrication de mensonges éhontés en vue de justifier une guerre de rapine et de domination néocoloniale. Retour sur les mensonges les plus grotesques.

Premier mensonge. Les apparences diplomatiques sont sauves. Le président français a justifié sa décision d’intervenir au Mali en prétextant l’appel à l’aide du gouvernement malien. En effet, le président intérimaire malien, Dioncounda traoré, a lancé un appel au secours à la France pour stopper l’avancée des rebelles d’Ansar Dine qui avaient pris le contrôle de la ville stratégique de Konna. Mais ce que le gouvernement et les médias français ont oublié de rappeler c’est que ce président malien ne dispose d’aucune légitimité pour appeler à l’intervention militaire d’une puissance étrangère sur le sol malien. Continue reading

A “humanitarian intervention” in Syria – 150 years ago

[Editor’s note: This article is also available in FRENCH and SPANISH ]

A humanitarian intervention in Syria? Humanitarian grounds had already been used in 1860 … precisely by France as a pretext to intervene militarily in Syria, then an Ottoman province. In this article, Geneva University scholar Pascal Herren lays bare the true intentions of France under Napoleon III, which were every bit as disreputable as those pursued under Sarkozy or Hollande. He also brings to light the dire consequences that befell the peoples of the region.

On 16 August 1860, a French expeditionary force landed in Beirut. According to Napoleon III, the French military were going to “restore order” in Syria, then an Ottoman province. Regarded today as the first example of “the right to intervene on humanitarian grounds”, the military intervention actually served to increase France’s economic stranglehold in the region.

A humanitarian intervention in Syria is recurrently demanded; it should put an end to the suffering which the population has been exposed to since 2011 due to the struggles between the regime and the armed opposition. The main responsibility for these fights is attributed – rightly or wrongly – to the government.

So, this relief effort would involve overthrowing the current regime. It is suspected to have indirectly started several months ago, when the insurgents were armed and also agents and foreign troops were deployed into the area. However, the use of force on the territory of a foreign country without the consent of the competent authorities contradicts the principle of state sovereignty enshrined in the UN Charter. Use of force between states is prohibited with the exception of the case of legitimate defense or a joint action decided by the Security Council. Continue reading

Obama Personally Arranged Benghazi Trip That Resulted In Murder Of US AMB Chris Stevens and others


By Lawrence SINCLAIR, lsnewsgroup

September 11, 2012 U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were murdered on the 11th anniversary of Sept. 11.

From the very beginning the Obama White House with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Obama’s side took to the media claiming that the torture, rape and murder of the first United States Ambassador since 1979 was the result of some obscure YouTube video (that from its uploading on July 2, 2012 to September 10, 2012 had all of 17 views) mocking the prophet Muhammad.

Thirty-five days later we are still allowing the media and the Obama Administration to hide the truth and continue in their deliberately reporting information they KNOW to be untrue while refusing to address these facts which come from US State Department and Obama White House sources.

AMB Chris Stevens was NOT surprised by his killers in Benghazi, Libya as has been portrayed thus far. According to sources in the State Department Chris Stevens was in Benghazi, Libya at the specific instruction of the Obama White House to recover weapons that the U.S. supplied to Libya rebels in the over throw of Gaddafi.

These sources who work in the State Department and the Obama White House say that Barack Obama was directly involved in negotiations with Libyan Rebels in an effort to recover weapons that the U.S. supplied them. Sources say that the arrangements were made between Barack Obama direct talks and that the White House directly arranged for AMB Stevens to travel to Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 and it was by direction of Barack Obama that Stevens was to meet with the very individuals who tortured, raped and murdered him.

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