Thoughts of one of our readers, concerning the islamophobic cartoons insulting the Prophet (Ar/Fr/Eng/Sp)

من المؤسف أن ترضى أن تكون نتيجة قرون من التطور الفكري و الحضاري الغربي هي رسوم كاريكاتورية مسيئة لنصف سكان الأرض.
و أن قرون من الجهاد الحقوقي و الدستوري تُسخّر للدفاع عن هذه الإساءة بحجة حرية التعبير ضاربة عرض الحائط حرية المعتقد و وجوب إحترام الآخر.

Il est désolant d’accepter que le résultat de siècles de pensées et de progrès de la “civilisation occidentale” soit des caricatures insultantes pour la moitié de l’humanité. Il est également désolant que des siècles de luttes juridiques et constitutionnelles se consacrent à défendre des caricatures sous le prétexte de la liberté de l’expression en pietinant la liberté de croyance et le respect de l’autre.

It is sad to accept that the result of centuries of thoughts and progress of Western civilization is insulting cartoons for the half of the humanity.
It is also sad to accept that centuries of legal and constitutional struggles are dedicated to defending the cartoons on the pretext of freedom of speach trampling freedom of belief and respect for others.
Es doloroso aceptar que el resultado de siglos de pensamiento y del progreso de la civilización occidental es las caricaturas insultantes para la mitad de la humanidad.
Y que siglos de luchas legales y constitucionales se dedican a la defensa de dichas caricaturas con el pretexto de la libertad de expresión pisoteando la libertad de creencias y el respeto por los demás.

Zionists have reached end of line: Ahmadinejad

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the “uncultured” Zionists have reached the end of the line and are thus grasping at straws to trigger a sectarian war among the followers of different religions.

“I am confident that Zionists are goners and the world will be freed from their existence and justice will be established,” Ahmadinejad said on Friday.

Although Zionists will fail to achieve their goals, all nations should remain vigilant against their plots, he added.

The Iranian president said US decision-makers directing the country’s politics from behind the scene have come to this understanding that the Israeli regime will no longer be beneficial to them.  Continue reading

Sinister September: Zionist anti-Islam plot simmering

Egyptian protesters burn the US flag during a demonstration against blasphemous film on September 12, 2012 outside the US embassy in Cairo.

The month of September has witnessed an accelerated trend of coordinated attempts in desecrating Islam and tarnishing the image of the Muslims across the globe.

That a blasphemous movie desecrating the person of the holy Prophet of Islam has been released in the United States simultaneously with the 9/11 tragic incident cannot be looked upon as sheer coincidence.

In a coordinated effort, UK channel 4 broadcast a documentary called ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ last week in stark distortion of Islam. Director Tom Holland who is so dismally bereft of any knowledge on Islam claims there is little written contemporary evidence about the origin of Islam and the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Even barely noted for his vampire and supernatural stories, Holland’s non-fiction books have nothing to do with religious matters or Islam.

In the documentary, he has included Patricia Crone, an infamous pseudo-scholar affiliated to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton who has intensely voiced her seasoned antagonism against Islam in the past. In ‘Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World’ which she coauthored with her associate Michael Cook, Crone fallaciously argues that the Holy Quran was composed, possibly in Syria or Iraq, more than fifty years after the Prophet’s death and ascribed to the Prophet. Crone also says that the Holy Book was fabricated during the reign of Caliph Abdul Malik (685-705) in an attempt to legitimize an expanding empire. The authors refer to early Muslims as Hagarenes, the descendants of Prophet Abraham by Hagar in order to differentiate them from the Jews, who are the descendants of Abraham by Sarah.  Continue reading