Armed JAMAHIRIYA supporters and civilians strike back in Benghazi

After the liberation of Bani Walid intense clashes have been taking place in Benghazi and Tripoli. In the above video you can see the Green flag being carried by the crowd, it isn’t clear how NATO Mercenaries would respond to Libyan awakening. Mercenaries earlier stated that they would bomb Bani Walid using the few surviving fighter Jets of Libya.

Source: Ozyism

Washington Wants Its Imperial Model Duplicated In Libya


Washington ran NATO’s imperial war against Libya to colonize, occupy and plunder another vassal state. Democracy and humanitarian considerations are non-starters. Only wealth and power matters. Libyans will be ruthlessly exploited. Decades of vital social gains are lost. NATO turned Libya into a charnel house. Tens of thousands of corpses bear testimony.


Major media scoundrels lied about war objectives from inception. Now they cheerlead ravaged Libya’s success. Correspondents there see one thing and report another. They make pimps, prostitutes and dope peddlers look respectable in comparison. Peaceful nonbelligerent Libya was ravaged, raped, and devastated. Many thousands became homeless refugees. Impoverishment and misery afflicts them. Kosovars, Iraqis, Afghans, and others know it’s coming wherever NATO shows up. Only sustained liberating struggles can change things. Libyans are committed for the long haul to achieve it.


On October 30, Mathaba headlined, “Libyan Freedom Fighters vow to fight on against NATO and its rebels,” saying: Continue reading

Warning to NATO & the NTC: South & Central Libya = Independent Gvt based under Jamahiriyah

The official, and none official news from Aljuffra, Fezzan, Touareg and all black tribes of the South Libya, the whole of the South, Central and the interior of Libya is that, we will never be a part of NTC nor NATO, we do not accept the current government of Libya, all the tribal federations of South and Central Libya will have no affiliation with NTC, we will not contact business, education or cultural affairs with NTC linked authorities. Warning to NTC, and NATO not to cross our Airspace, we will shoot down any approaching plane over the Sahara that did not seek prior approval from the South, be it commercial or military. We are an independent government based under Jamahiriyah, we will continue to fly the green flag.

Source: Leonor

News Break: Report from the autopsy of Gaddafi

{Editor’s note: CounterPsyOps couldn’t verify this information}

According to ”The Jamahiriyan Resistance”, An autopsy determined that the identity of a body that rebels saying it’s Gaddafi is Ali Majid Al Andalus, who lived in Sirte and who was famous in Libya for this resemblance.

Serious QUESTIONS arise about the “information” given by the NTC and the media of NATO on the so-called death of the Guide. Evidence of video and photo montages exists and is already published. Moreover the man shown on these videos has been identified: he is not Gaddafi but a double named Ali Majid Al Andalus, who lived in Sirte and who was famous in Libya for this resemblance.

No mourners. There is no room here for defeatist or demobilization messages.

Furthermore, AND THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF NATO PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR, Confusion reigns; the Internet and social networks are full of false news, false statements, false documents, false “Libyan sites.”

Source: Newjestic

Libya: Rebels from Misrata were planning to attack Sirte with biological weapons

ALGERIA ISP, according to Zengtena, the front of the Libyan salvation in Misrata had information that the rebels were preparing an operation to use biological weapons to attack in Sirte. After three weeks of investigation, it appears that the information was confirmed. This proves that the war waged by the rebels against civilians is a dirty war with no qualms. They treat their brothers and sisters in other cities as their worst enemies in their screams ALLAH AKBAR.

The fighters from the front of the Libyan salvation of Misrata conducted an operation yesterday at dawn to sabotage the plan to kill the entire population that is resisting in Sirte.

The question to ask is: “was the use of biological weapons coordinated with NATO and the NTC?” Continue reading

As Promised: Jamahiriya Exerts Control Over Tripoli, Routing CIA, NATO, ‘Rats’

As promised by Mathaba, the liberation of Tripoli is underway. No matter the outcome in this round, the Jamahiriya never ceased to exist, and the world media, governments and organizations were all exposed, and stand naked on the wrong side of history

CIA-NATO Headquarters Raided, Green Flag Flying

On Wednesday 28th, mass demonstrations took place in Tripoli in favor Continue reading

Muammar Qaddafi: Jamahiriya Government Can Never Be Defeated

Summary of leader Muammar Qaddafi speech today September 20

“All should be aware that the government of Libya is the Jamahiriya government, that the power belongs to the men and women of the Popular Conferences and the People’s Committees in Libya. This Government by the People will never fail nor fall. It embodies the millions of Libyans and for that reason it can’t fall. Anyone who says Qaddafi’s government has fallen is nothing but ridiculous and a joke. Qaddafi doesn’t have a government, therefore that government can’t fall.

Qaddafi is out of power since 1977 when I have passed the power to the People’s Committees of the Jamahiriya. When 2,000 tribes meet and declare that only the Libyan people represent Libya, doesn’t that say enough?

This is the answer to NATO which has said the National Transitional Council from Benghazi represents the Libyan people. The Libyan people are here and they are with me, nobody can represent us. So no legitimacy to anything else or anyone else, the power belongs to the people. All Libyans are members of the People’s Committees. Anything else is false.

What is happening now in Libya is a charade which can only take place because of the NATO air raids, which will not last forever. When they have left the traitors will be gone too. We are ready to die for the Power of the People. This is what we stand for and this is what our martyrs have been standing for.”

(source: Mathaba)