The Ballad of the Federal Reserve

(Guest Poem by W. Gelles)


Have you heard about the Federal Reserve?
Have you heard about the Federal Reserve?
Well I’ll tell you about the Federal Reserve.
It will suck your blood until you die
and it isn’t “federal”—that’s a lie.
It’s a private cabal of a few big banks,
a massive swindle to which you give thanks,
it’s a greedy, parasitical corporation
that sits like a cancer on the face of the nation,
ensuring profits for the tiny few
while squeezing the life out of me and you.

The tail wags the dog,
the tail wags the dog.
One Bankrupt Nation Under God,
the tail wags the dog.

The Fed was founded in 1913
on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.
The banksters huddled in a top-secret meeting
and dreamt up a whole new scam to gorge ‘ya.

Their front-man, Senator Nelson Aldrich
took the bill to the Senate at 2 AM.
His cronies passed it and Wilson signed it—
Unconstitutional now, unconstitutional then.

Wilson later was deeply sorry:
“I have unwittingly ruined this nation.”
But his masters, the banksters, who wrote the bill
thought it was cause for celebration.

The tail wags the dog,
the tail wags the dog.
One Bankrupt Nation Under God,
the tail wags the dog.

You work four months out of every year
to pay your tax to the bankster crew.
They own the country, they make the wars,
they own the media and they own you.

Their only goal is to turn a profit
and they do so handsomely—at your expense.
They suck out every man, woman, child.

Do you see the hoax, or are you too dense?

The Fed prints up money out of thin air
then “loans” it to the gov-ern-ment.
You pay back the debt for the rest of your life,
billions that could be better spent,
trillions that could be better spent
siphoned off to the One-Percent,
the clever banksters, the One-Percent.

The tail wags the dog,
the tail wags the dog.
One Bankrupt Nation Under God,
the tail wags the dog.

Did you hear the news about JFK?
Did you hear the news about JFK?
He tried to abolish the Federal Reserve.
Well it took a lot of courage
and it took a lot of nerve.
With Executive Order Triple-one Ten
Kennedy, with the stroke of a pen,
had the Treasury printing its own bills instead.
Just five months later he was dead.
The banksters got the CIA
to shoot John Kennedy in the head.
The CIA with their friends, the Mafia,
shot John Kennedy in the head.

And now the banksters rule the world
America’s bloody flag unfurled,
from Iraq to Libya to Peru—
You mess with them, they’ll come get you.
The banksters and the CIA
keep printing money the American Way.

Let’s abolish the Federal Reserve.
It’s time to abolish the Federal Reserve.
It will take a lot of courage
it will take a lot of nerve.
Restore the power to the people
Stop acting like ignorant, obedient sheeple!


“Abolish The Federal Reserve” (

“JFK Vs The Federal Reserve” by John P. Curran

“Who Killed JFK?” by Dean Henderson
“Kennedy’s fate was sealed in June 1963 when he authorized the
issuance of more than $4 billion in United States Notes by his
Treasury Department in an attempt to circumvent the high interest rate
usury of the Eight Families Federal Reserve international banker
crowd. President Lincoln had made a similar move 100 years earlier
and suffered the same consequences.”

JFK : Visible Proof Oswald was innocent

By Ralph Cinque
December 10, 2011

It’s always heartening to me to hear from people in response to my articles about the murder of John Kennedy because it tells me that interest in this crime of the century, this coup d’etat against America, is still strong and healthy.

And yesterday’s article was no exception: I have heard from a lot of people, and most of them, the vast majority, have been very supportive. But, one person pointed out something that I missed, and it is absolutely blowing my mind.
First take a look at the picture of Oswald.


Look at his collar. His left collar is more clear than his right, so look to your right. Notice that it is a double collar. There is a large flap at the neck level, and then there is a longer, more tapered flap below the neck level. And you can see the notch between the two flaps. You could say that his shirt is designed more like a jacket.
Now look at the picture of Lovelady.


Look at his shirt. It has just one flap, right? And note that most men’s shirts only have one flap. That’s the standard thing. To look closer, you could try enlarging it. But, instead of using the plus button on your picture viewer, which lessens the resolution, I find that it’s better to use a magnifying glass. But, there is definitely only one flap there.
Now look at the picture of Doorway Man:


It shows the double collar very clearly. You could also call it a lapel. There is a little lapel there, just like on a suit jacket. And it’s just like what we see on the larger picture of Oswald, who is wearing a nice tweed shirt with a dressy lapel. In the picture above, you can see the notch between the two flaps, and the two flaps together give the appearance of a question mark. That’s on the left side, close to the column. I realize that it’s small and subtle, but it’s still there- clearly and unmistakably. That little extra fold of material, that little extension, that little tail, proves that the Doorway Man can’t be Lovelady because Lovelady is not wearing that kind of a shirt. He is wearing a regular shirt with a simple collar, the kind that characterizes 98% of the shirts that men wear.


Finally, in the last picture, glance back and forth rapidly between Doorway Man and Lovelady. Do it quickly and repeatedly, but focus just on their collars. Try to dismiss everything else.

And forget about the picture of Lovelady from 1971. That was a staged shot taken 8 years later. It looks like they may have tried to fold his shirt back some to make him look like Doorway Man. But, the picture to the right of that was taken on the day of the assassination. And clearly, there is just one flap to the collar and no extra lapel. It’s just a standard, one-collar shirt, as it most likely would have been, and as most shirts are. Check your own closet.

It’s not the same shirt, so it’s not the same man. There is no way that Lovelady could be the Doorway Man.

Do you realize what this means? It means that the Doorway Man was Oswald- unless they can come up with another Texas Schoolbook Depository employee who happened to look like him. And it means that Oswald could not have been on the 6th floor firing at Kennedy.

This means that it’s over. Game; Set; Match. There is tons of other evidence, but if there were no other evidence, this alone exonerates Oswald. He could not have killed Kennedy.

How does one go about contacting the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder? It’s time to reopen the investigation of the murder of President Kennedy.

Please share this article with everyone you know and also the Youtube video version which can be seen below:

We need to work together to take this video viral. To paraphrase Lee Harvey Oswald, I need someone to come forward and provide me with networking assistance. I need someone who is really savvy at using the social networking sites, such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. We need to appeal to the young. They are the ones who will be most receptive. And realize that exposing the lies about Kennedy’s murder, which have been shoved down our throats for almost 50 years, will challenge the honesty and legitamacy of not only the government but also the media, that is, the mainstream media. And think of what it could do for Ron Paul’s campaign. Who are people going to trust after this? Gingrich? Romney? Obama? Heck no! This will stamp in people’s minds that the only honest, decent person among the presidential contenders, the only one worthy of trust, is Ron Paul. Help me.