U.S. And Israel Enlist Jihadist Terrorists To Bring Down Syria

By Saman Mohammadi, Infowars.com

In Syria, the U.S. and Israel are sponsoring Jihadist terrorists to destroy the unity of Syria and bring down the current Syrian government. As a result, the moral and intellectual arguments for the U.S.-led war on terror are being exposed as propaganda talking points that have no logical connections to the real world.


The U.S. and Israeli governments cannot be taken seriously when they try to sell to the world the lie that Islamic terrorism is a threat to Western civilization while it is secretly funding and arming Sunni terrorists to wage war against governments that they don’t like.

We don’t have to point to the false flag 9/11 events as an example of state-sponsored terrorism by the U.S. and Israeli governments. There is endless evidence in Syria that points to a coordinated policy of state-sponsored terrorism against the Syrian people by Washington and Tel Aviv.

Washington’s alliance with Jihadist terrorists is coming out into the daylight in Syria, Libya, and other nations that have experienced the CIA’s “Arab Spring.” Rob Prince wrote an excellent article on June 3rd about this unholy alliance called, “Tunisia’s Salafists: Brownshirts of the Arab Spring.”

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