URGENT Libya – Misurata preparing a FAKE General Khamis Gaddafi (22 October 2012)


General Khamis Gaddafi

ALGERIA ISP / Haraka According Elmokawama Libya, Libyan Resistance request to be careful because the NTC militias PREPARE a big STUNT to justify their barbarism in Bani Walid.

They WILL show a PERSON that LOOKS like the son of the guide, General Khamis Gaddafi. With FOREIGN specialists, they will do COSMETIC surgery to a person AND give him the SAME FACE as the General Khamis Gaddafi.

Source: Libya resisting against the West

Rumours of Khamis Gaddafi’s capture close to Tunisian border

Khamis Qaddafi is currently organizing and leading the resisting fighters throughout Libya, there has been continuous rumours about his martyrdom in the battle field, but non of the rumours was ever true. Even pro resistance networks such as Arrai TV was wrong about his martyrdom. It was widely believed that Khamis Qaddafi was martyred at 29/11/2012 when NATO bombed his vehicle, but this has never been confirmed.

New rumours spread that Khamis had been captured near the Tunisian border, Mustafa Abdul Jalil in a press conference denied the claims and said they were baseless and nothing but rumours.

Source: Ozyism

Khamis Gaddafi: Colonel is ALIVE

{Editor’s note: CounterPsyOps couldn’t verify this information}

According to Libyan media, Khamis has sent them a video material where he said: “Colonel Gaddafis is alive and well and he’s in Libya where he continued his fight against occupiers and traitors of their people. ”

Video material is not available on the internet, it’s been kept secret due to safety of Gaddafi and his family!

“He sent this video material in several copies, and we will show this video when the time comes!” said Al Libya TV officials!

Meanwhile in Libya, Rebels in the newly liberated Libya have arrested around 70 doctors and nurses in Zawiya, who they believe had ties or allegiances with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime!

In Tripoli, in the same long-suffering region of Abu Salim, again thundering explosions heard fierce gunfire and bloodshed. Resistance fighters continue to recruit and valiantly resist the horde of bandits.
About a dozen ambulances arrived on the battlefield,
and a few dozen rebels were destroyed by the patriots of Libya.

Source: Newjestic

Libye – Le général Khamis Kadhafi n’est pas mort (16 octobre 2011)

Algeria ISP reports


ALGERIA ISP / Selon l’agence Seven Days News, une source, prochde Khamis a expliqué que le grand secret adopté par le général Khamis Kadhafi dans ses opérations et ses déplacements pousse les membres du CNT/OTAN a annoncer la mort de Khamis.

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Libya – General Khamis Gaddafi is not dead (16th of October 2011)

According to the News Agency Seven Days, a source close to Khamis said the secrecy adopted by the General Khamis Gaddafi in its operations and movements made the CNT / NATO announce his death.

The same source said that members of the CNT have set up a spy system to monitor and intercept all calls between leaders of the Libyan resistance an the satellite TV as El Rai television.This prompted the Libyan leader sent recorded messages to television to avoid direct contact.

To locate the son of Libyan leader. The CNT / NATO disseminates lies to one of Gaddafi son El Rai phone and so it will be located.

The source added that the CNT adopted this method with the false arrest of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and then finally with Moatassem Khamis Gaddafi since information confirms
that Khamis was about to open new front against the rebels.

With this kind of lie, they want to find the location of Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi.
They know that Khamis Gaddafi and senior military officers supervise the protection of the Libyan leader.

Consequently, the source, close to Khamis Khamis Gaddafi confirms that is still alive. May God protect him inchAllah.

Source: Algeria ISP


By Christof LEHMANN

Khamis Gaddafi

Words can kill. The first victim of war is the truth. We know the proverbs but tend to forget that the killer force of narratives is thousand fold potentiated when there is war, and the force of the pen is combined with the force of the sword. Various media, including Arrai TV reported yesterday and today of the death of Khamis Ghadafi, commander of the 32nd Elite Brigade that stood for implementing the strategy that since has given NATO a serious dent in it´s armor, and decimated NATO´s army of mercenaries, terrorists, indoctrinated Jihadis and opportunistic vultures hired by contractors like XE. So far, the death of Khamis Ghadafi could not be confirmed for nsnbc, and even alternative media seem to be missing one point. The Libyan Liberation is a struggle against new colonialism, not directed against a family, but against all Africans. The resistance is not a family or person, but African People who are waking up to the aggression of the Anglo American Empire. Words can kill, also if they neglect to focus on central issues.

By Dr. Christof Lehmann

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Morris thinks Khamis is alive

Morris writes: “In a period of 12 hours only one source is reporting Khamis’ martyrdom. Unfortunately it is a source I admire and trust, perhaps I have been a little light hearted in this video, but there is a contradiction between my trust and the message.
Probably Khamis has gone to get the Algerian Army.
It is 3.00 am and I have been urged to make a statement.”

The News of Libya: October the 11th

The lesson of Afghanistan hasn’t been learned. Many English came into resistance by asking authorities in their country to withdraw its troops from there. In France, we must take citizens out of their lethargic state of mind. The lesson from Iraq, too, was rejected. In the words of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe: “NATO is a terrorist organization”. There are fools in Europe. Fools who refuse and reject the truth, fools who defy international law. ” He is right.

The Libyan invasion of NATO declined in revolution and its attendant deaths does not seem to be a lesson. Predators who set fire around the world only for their comfort. What is Africa to theem? Nothing, apparently. NATO, weighed down by abysmal losses, is trying to survive through terror, but against a proud people, bombs, tanks and missiles are nothing.  After nearly 62 000 deaths, according to current estimates, it is still necessary to kill 50 000 Libyans for the Benghazi Continue reading