Struggle over “Free Army and “YPG” after the rejection of Kurds to withdraw in Aleppo.


Armed militias have threatened the Syrian Kurds in Aleppo city in each of al-Ashrafia and al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhoods to depart their houses immediately in a under a policy of ethnic cleansing comprehensive, which led to clashes and kidnappings reciprocal put insurgents in the corner of the accusation and condemnation of the persecution of minorities who refuse to cooperate with them and embrace like other components of society in Syria.

Al-Watan newspaper assures that the day before yesterday, the 24-hour deadline, in which the rebel leader of battalion’s union of Shuhadaa Bader Khalid Hayani has warned against the “YPG” that carries out some of the missions of the security guards in parts of al-Ashrafia neighborhood to withdraw from it and to hand over their weapons under the responsibility of killing two young men Kurds, who are accused by dealing with “Free Army”.

The newspaper quotes of special sources as saying that “the public guard forces has refused to comply to the armed men’s requests, as armed conflicts broke out yesterday killing three fighters of the militants and wounding numerous others.

Opposition sources have admitted that the dispute between the conflicting parties has fire out due to setting up an ambush by the Kurds’ public guard forces to the armed militants, which infiltrated al-Ashrafia from the side of Bani Zed

The newspaper has pointed out that «Battalion’s Union of Shuhadaa Badr» and «the brigad of Ahrar Syria» carry out systematic killing operations against the residents of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, which refused to display and opted to stay to defend his properties and his neighborhood Continue reading

Turkish airstrikes kill 30 Kurds

File photo of a Turkish warplane
At least 30 people have been killed in Turkish airstrikes by F-16 warplanes on a Kurdish village in the southeast of Turkey near the Iraqi border, Press TV reports.

Mayor of Uludere district of Sirnak province Fehmi Yaman said that the bodies were found in Ortasu village in Sirnak after the attacks on Thursday morning.

Earlier in the day, Ertan Eris, an official within the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) had put the death toll at 23.

Eris added that the dead people were among a group of 35 to 40, aged from 16 to 20, who had crossed the border for “smuggling purposes.”

The death toll might increase due to snow and rough terrain, which make the search for bodies difficult, Eris said.

Meanwhile, local security sources said the group was “smuggling gas and sugar into Turkey from northern Iraq” and may have been “mistaken” for Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists.

The Turkish military began an operation in northern Iraq in October after 24 Turkish troops were killed in an attack by the PKK in the town of Cukurca near the Iraqi border. The army killed 36 PKK members in Kazan Valley of Hakkari province.

On October 31, Deputy Chairperson of the BDP Meral Danis Bestas accused the Turkish army of using “chemical weapons” in the operation.

The PKK launched an armed campaign against Turkey in 1984 in a quest to gain independence for Kurds living in the southeast of the country.

Soruce: PressTV