Alain Soral – De la misère en milieu militant 2/3

De La Misère En Milieu Militant, deuxième partie. Thèmes abordés :
Mouammar Gaddhafi, le projet Aladin, la radio Almanar de bruxelles, les musulmans, al quaida, Daniel Cohn-bendit, mai 68, les anciens gauchistes, Serge July, le journal Libération, le terrorisme, la manipulation, l’assassinat d’Hanns-Martin Schleyer, la réaction de Cohn-bendit à la mort d’Hugo Chavez, le sophisme, le sénateur trotskyste Henri Weber, les néo-nazis en Ukraine, le traité transatlantique TAFTA et l’exception culturelle française.

Alain Soral : De la misère en milieu militant 2/3 Addendum


By Gilad Atzmon


Marine Le Pen and The French’s Front National are the big winners in the French elections yesterday. France’s Front National scored the best ever presidential campaign first-round result (18% of the votes).

As elsewhere in Europe, the French far right is dealing with matters other political parties prefer to avoid or shove under the carpet. Yesterday results proves that many French are primarily concerned with issues to do with immigration and ‘identity loss’. While the so called ‘far Right’ engages with these matters, the Left and the Centre parties perform an escapist attitude – they prefer to vet the discussion via different means such as political correctness and even legislation. The media, would also shy away from the subject and would prefer to gate-keep any attempt to deal with the ‘unpopular’ topic.

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