Second Round of Sidon Clashes: Assir Partisans Attack Lebanese Army

Clashes re-erupted in the southern city of Sidon on Sunday, as Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir’s armed partisans attacked a checkpoint for the Lebanese Army in the eastern neighborhood of Abra.

Security source told al-Manar correspondent that at least two Army personnel were martyred during clashes, among them an officer.
The source added that two army personnel were injured; also among them  an officer.

Another source stressed to al-Manar that the clashes started when Assir’s partisans attacked a checkpoint for the Lebanese Army in Abra.

National news agency initially reported that at least two army soldiers were injured during the clashes.

Clashes spread to reach residential areas in Abra, where residents were appealing for a ceasefire in order to evacuate the civilians.

Media outlets reported that several mortar shells reached the neighboring area of Sidon’ Hara.

Earlier on Tuesday, Assir’s partisans opened fire in Abra, causing clashes to erupt with several youths in the area.
One civilian was killed as he was passing by during the clashes.

Several figures in Sidon, including the head of Nasserist Party Osama Saad and Sheikh Maher Hammoud, warned following the clashes that the city may change to be like the northern city of Tripoli where clashes repeatedly erupt between the neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

Source: Al Manar

Al-Manar Publishes Information on Major Arrested for Arms Smuggling Attempt

Al-Manar TV broadcast details on Major Wissam Abdul Khaleq, who was arrested this week for buying arms to send them into Syria.

40-year-old Wissam Abdul Khaleq is from the Lebanese village, Majdal Anjar , and is married to a Palestinian woman.

Abdul Khaleq is the son of retired General Hussein Abdul Khaleq who was head of the cooperation and coordination office between the Lebanese and the Syrian army before the latter’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2008.

General Hussein was dismissed from his position after the military institution discovered his loyalty to another group. Continue reading

Army deploys in north Lebanon after deadly clashes

The Lebanese army finally began its deployment after yet another round of deadly clashes between rival neighborhoods in the Northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. At least ten people were killed and tens wounded including army soldiers as pro and anti Syrian groups battled it out.

The rivalry between the pre-dominantly allawite pro Syrian neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen and the pre-dominantly Sunni anti-Syrian neighborhood of Bab-Al-Tabaneh goes back a long time. But with the eruption of the unrest in Syria never have tensions been this high. Anti Syrian Salafist groups now have a noticeable increased presence in Tripoli, which is also home to supporters of the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance. Both the Salafists and March 14 enjoy strong ties with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, arguably the strongest proponents of Bashar Al-Assad’s downfall.

These developments have been accompanied by other dangerous sectarian signs. Religious figures in Tripoli have called for the establishment of a Sunni military council in the city. These same religious figures have resorted to sectarian slogans. “Coming to the aid of the Sunni’s brothers in Syria” in reference to the Syrian opposition is a common term.

Lebanon is a country extremely prone to sectarianism having witnessed bloody conflicts in the past between Muslims and Christians. This vulnerability further increases the danger on Lebanon as some regional countries continue to give the situation in Syria a somewhat sectarian flavor.

Source: PressTV




Tripoli Clashes Renew, Many Killed, Injured including Soldiers

Two people were killed and more than 30 others were injured, including Lebanese army troops, as clashes renewed on Tuesday between the neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh in north Lebanon.

Media reports said that several people were injured in clashes that took place after cautious calm prevailed at dawn Tuesday.

Al-Manar correspondent reported  that at least five soldiers were injured during the fight on Tuesday, as unknown militants hit their patrol with a bomb.
He added that there was a high-ranking officer among the soldiers wounded on Tuesday. Continue reading

Syria: The weapons’ ship. Who funded it… How it passed through Turkey.. and how it was seized

Dawood Rammal for Assafir Newspaper

The Lebanese army navy seizure of the smuggled weapons’ ship which was on its way to Tripoli (Lebanese one) port, remained the subject of active follow up on the internal level, first, because of the huge volume of the shipment of weapons, second, because of what it implies as an indicator that SOME are working on indulging Lebanon in the Syrian crisis, and adopt it as a corridor to support the opposition and arming it.

While the ship “Lutfalla – 2” was caught red-handed, but what happened makes us wonder if any other ships managed in the past to “sneak” through the Lebanese waters, and breach the policy of self-distance, therefore reaching the place of discharge.

While the investigation continues with the ship’s crew to know the backgrounds of the arms shipments and the destination party, a judicial source revealed to “Assafir” newspaper the data available so far, which are allowed to be said to the public, saying: “The ship and the weapons shipments funders are two Syrian business men living in Saudi Arabia, and the ship’s owner is of Syrian nationality, and the Captain is Syrian as well, and all of them are from the Syrian opposition”.. Continue reading