Commander of Nusra-Linked Lebanese Group Injured in Syria

In clear evidence that the Syrian crisis sees some Lebanese parties engaged to play crucial role in supporting the armed groups opposing Damascus, al-Manar TV discloses the injury of a commander Lebanese armed group while fighting in the Syrian territories.Hussein Ali Dergham, Lebanese, is the commander of an armed group which is linked to Nusra Front in Syria.

Al-Manar reported that Dergham had infiltrated the Syrian territory through barren mountains of Ersal, in Bekaa. He was injured days ago during clashes with the Syrian army, according to security information obtained by al-Manar.

Dergham was relieved in a field hospital in Syria, then entered the Lebanese territories through a border area in Ersal, according to the information, which added that the Lebanese fighter was transferred by a Red Cross vehicle into a private clinic in Baalbek because of his serious injury. Continue reading