l’HEURE ZERO de la Libération nationale est arrivée en Libye. La Bataille pour la libération de Tripoli commence ! Les vidéos censurées par les Médias



14 Octobre 2011 : l’ HEURE ZERO de la Libération nationale est arrivée en Libye. La Bataille pour la libération de Tripoli commence !
Kadhafi c’est toujours et encore la REVOLUTION VERTE …

A l’appel de Moammar Kadhafi, appelant à l’insurrection libératrice ce 14 octobre, qui démontre qu’il est toujours le guide de la Libye, la RESISTANCE JAMAHIRIYENNE et les commandos de l’ARMEE VERTE à l’assaut des forces d’occupation de l’OTAN et des COLLABOS du CNT.

La CENSURE MILITAIRE TOTALE est ordonnée aux medias occidentaux par la PROPAGANSTAFFEL de l’OTAN à Bruxelles depuis ce 14 octobre …
En vain : Voici les images que le Système made in USA ne veut pas que vous voyez !

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The News of Libya: October the 12th (19:00)

The Great Liberation Friday

According to new reports, preparations for a large scale attack this Friday, October 14, 2011, are underway in all the occupied cities of Libya. Groups organize and refine their strategies to conduct their operations with maximum efficiency. Calls are made on the internet such as “Al Hajj” today at 8:45, the content is as follows:

“To all the Mujahedeen civilian or military, be prepared to begin the release this Friday at dawn. Be the killer commandos ready. Be the snipers on the rooftops. Be the anti-personnel mines and anti-tank planted on the sides of streets. Be the Molotov Cocktails that are easy to make ready. Kill the rats, no mercy, yell “Allahou Akbar Kabeera”, be victorious. Be glorious. May Allah help us .. Allah is the Almighty! ”

 As for others who read these lines, do not forget your du’a so that every action is a success, because success only comes from Allah

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Source: Hassan Alliby (Angeeverse)

As Promised: Jamahiriya Exerts Control Over Tripoli, Routing CIA, NATO, ‘Rats’

As promised by Mathaba, the liberation of Tripoli is underway. No matter the outcome in this round, the Jamahiriya never ceased to exist, and the world media, governments and organizations were all exposed, and stand naked on the wrong side of history

CIA-NATO Headquarters Raided, Green Flag Flying

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Video shot 19.09.11 depicting the celebrations of Libyans who liberated their city: Tarhuna from NATO rebels. Tarhuna is 80 kms south east of Tripoli. Urban population: 296 000. City population: 13 264.

Fighting was reported some days back in Tarhuna but never published by MSM, it seems the town has freed itself from NATO forces, as scenes of celebrations are reported and Libyan flags fly high.

This is great news for the people of Tarhuna as they don’t have to live in fear anymore, fear of being abducted, killed, or worse tortured to death. As the Zero Hour approaches, more conflict between NATO militia factions have been reported, and many cities have been liberated, including Brega where a NATO helicopter was shot down in the process.

(source: Ozyism)