Libya – News from Mujahid Saif El Islam (October 28, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Zengtena the mujahideen Saif al-Islam met with Libyan army officers to reorganize the resistance to hunt NATO and the traitors who have sold their country and destroy Libya.

Source: Algeria ISP

Lies, Damn Lies And NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

By Stephen Lendman


At an October 11 press briefing, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu claimed Operation Unified Protector (NATO’s aggression on Libya) “has been a great success. We’re pretty close to the end, but we’re not there yet.”

“We did the right thing. We saved countless lives. We did it the right way, fast, with flexibility, involving Partners from the start, and we did it for the right reasons; to fully implement the mandate of the United Nations Security Council.”

“Now we will make sure the end of the operation will come when the time is right. We will not leave the job half done.”

“Our mission, as you know, is to prevent attacks and threats against civilians, so we will terminate the mission once we assess that there is no longer a systematic and significant threat….”

NATO military spokesperson Col. Roland Lavoie followed Lungescu with similar comments, claiming “we have witnessed a significant evolution of the situation in Libya.”

He added that “NATO is exercising air power only when necessary and always with caution, discernment and precision.”

Fact check

On October 13, UN Support Mission to Libya head Ian Martin briefed Security Council members by video-link. His assessment differed greatly from NATO, saying:

“The situation (in Libya) is far from stable. There are many security concerns. The fighting is still on. Violations of human rights and international humanitarian law have been registered.”

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By Christof LEHMANN

Khamis Gaddafi

Words can kill. The first victim of war is the truth. We know the proverbs but tend to forget that the killer force of narratives is thousand fold potentiated when there is war, and the force of the pen is combined with the force of the sword. Various media, including Arrai TV reported yesterday and today of the death of Khamis Ghadafi, commander of the 32nd Elite Brigade that stood for implementing the strategy that since has given NATO a serious dent in it´s armor, and decimated NATO´s army of mercenaries, terrorists, indoctrinated Jihadis and opportunistic vultures hired by contractors like XE. So far, the death of Khamis Ghadafi could not be confirmed for nsnbc, and even alternative media seem to be missing one point. The Libyan Liberation is a struggle against new colonialism, not directed against a family, but against all Africans. The resistance is not a family or person, but African People who are waking up to the aggression of the Anglo American Empire. Words can kill, also if they neglect to focus on central issues.

By Dr. Christof Lehmann

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By Dr. Christof LEHMANN at nsnbc


Most of Tripoli is Liberated, Sirte is holding on, Bani Walid, Sabah, Zliten, and countless other cities are free. As morning came to Libya the results of the onset of a new stage of the Libyan Liberation become undeniable. While Libyans mourn the death of those fallen in the fight for liberation, the TNC and NATO mourn massive losses of territory, troops, and trust. NATO and the TNC lost over 1.000 fighters, and over 1.500 are wounded. Their greatest casualty how ever, are the Lies about Libya, which were put to rest by the new phase of Libya´s Liberation

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

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Libyan News Update Oct 15 – Very Early Morning – 2 NATO COPTERS DOWN

Big successes for the Green resistance. Even the Rixos hotel has been taken by the Green Resistance. 2 NATO helicopters shot down during Massive Protests in Tripoli.

The rebels seemed to have never gained any support from the residents.

(source: YT108Morris108)


Libyan Liberal Youth writes: “You saw some footage of the university of Sirte in news with rats inside.
That you didnt see is that it was a trap.
The rats took control of the university from 8am till 1 pm in the morning before they where surgically removed from the campus of the university.And then at 3 pm where removed from the teaching area of the university leaving behind all the dead bodies of the fellow rats.
As for our losses 40 brave mujaheed where murdered in 39 nato raids in the university. May they be blessed.”

(source: Libyan Liberal Youth)