Libya: At least 3 Nato mercenaries killed in Al Hawamid

At least 3 NATO Mercenaries have been kill and 1 Libyan defense forces have been martyred when clashes broke out in the small town of Al Hawamid which is close to the Tunisian border. Sources close to Libyan Defense Forces state that the power station in the town was lightly damaged and that NATO Mercenaries have been driven out.

Source: Ozyism

Libya brief update before NATO Meeting (October 5th)

After the all out assault on Sirte was grind to a halt yesterday, Libya is relatively calm. Is it the calm before the next storm or will NATO leaders have difficulties explaining Generals to continue a war that can earn them life imprisonment in any nation with international jurisdiction.

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

After the last days assault on Sirte today it is relatively calm. Though artillery duels between TNC fighters and Libyan Defense Forces in Sirte continue, it is calm enough to become aware of the destruction. What was impossible to do before, evacuating the dead and wounded from the ruins will add to the realization of the enormity of the massacre committed on the residents and defenders of Sirte.

Today NATO and TNC evacuated more than 200 wounded “rebels” from Sirte, which had been triaged outside the cities southern suburbs. Continue reading