News from the field from the Libyan Liberation Front

by  Stephen Gule
(1) In an attempt to introduce political discord at the Chad Libyan border, after French paratroopers and commandos faced a devastating defeat with 153 French mercenary forces killed in one week, the French decided to recruit and send in native Chadians resulting 419 native Chadian deaths, 712 seriously wounded and 1571 captives in the South of Libya.
(2) Libyan Rebel radicals threatened to invade Tunisia, and shot at Tunisian border guards, prompting Tunisian guards to respond with live bullets at RAS JDIR.
(3) Green Resistance fighters in Ajdabiyah and Tobruk destroyed 11 pickups carrying Benghazi brigades towards Tobruk, eliminating all personnel in the vehicles and capturing ammunition.
(4) NATO attempts to export military hegemony and attacking South of Libya still continues, French jets want to conquer South of Libya by air, the terrain and logistics making it impossible for France to accompany this mission.
(5) One special operations fighter from the green cells in Tripoli has been captured, after he came under multiple rocket and anti aircraft power, green resistance has been in a very shocked state due to the loss of this brave fighter, but green brigades are making every effort in preparation to rescue and get him out of the rebels hands.
(6) Numerous surgical are continuing nation wide to weaken the rebels, choke their supply bases and make them pay for their crimes.
(7) Colonel Victor Alertimi commander of the green resistance fighters in Western Mountain front, author Abdul Hatty Al-Hamali and seven officers have been rescued yesterday in Surman from the basement of the city jail.
(8) Rebels continue their practice of torturing, abusing prisoners and killing them without clear authority and sense of fairness in all rebel controlled areas of Libya.
(9) NATO rebels threw a young girl from 10th floor of a hotel room in the Tunisian capital, after she was raped by multiple rebels and then thrown out of the window.
 (10) Members of the illegal Libya contact group have proposed to divide the nation into multiple sections after they failed to control the entire country and make it their colony.
Source: Libya SOS

Libya’s new Liberation Front organizing in the Sahel

By Franklin Lamb

“Sahel” in Arabic means “coast” or “shoreline”. Unless one was present 5000 years ago when, according to anthropologists, our planets first cultivation of crops began in this then plush, but now semiarid region where temperatures reach 125 degrees F, and only camels and an assortment of creatures can sniff out water sources, it seems an odd geographical name place for this up 450 miles wide swatch of baked sand that runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.

Yet, when standing along its edge, the Sahel does have the appearance of a sort of dividing shoreline between the endless sands of the Sahara and the Savanna grasses to the south. Parts of Mali, Algeria, Niger, Chad, and Sudan, all along the Libyan border fall within this supposed no man’s land.
Today the Sahel is providing protection, weapons gathering and storage facilities, sites for training camps, and hideouts as well as a generally formidable base for those working to organize the growing Libyan Liberation Front (LLF). The aim of the LLF is to liberate Libya from what it considers NATO installed colonial puppets. The Sahel region Continue reading