CBS News Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses

Did you know that only a handful of corporations, 6 to be exact, control over 90 percent of the media? That means nearly everything we hear on the radio, read in the news, and see on television (including ‘news’). I’m talking about General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

Ever since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media, more and more people are expressing their concern that what we see in the media is nothing short of brainwashing. This is also evident by blatant lies that continue to spam the TV screen, especially when it comes to topics such as health, food, war (“terrorism“), poverty and more. Corporate interests always seem to get in the way.

Multiple celebrities have even spoken out about this. Roseanne Barr, for example, said that MK Ultra rules in Hollywood. MK Ultra was (and I believe still is) a program run by the CIA to practice methods of mind control and experiment on human beings. (source)(source)

Filled with clever marketing tactics designed to tell us what to think and what to buy, mainstream media manufactures public opinion and popular trends. It’s time to really take a look at what’s going on here and consider the type of information we’re being bombarded with.

In the below eyeopening talk, veteran investigative journalist (and Former CBS NEWS investigative reporter) Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

Source: Collective Evolution


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By Gilad Atzmon

The once well-respected Guardian has been reduced in recent years into a lame Zionist mouthpiece – a light Jewish Chronicle for Gentiles consumption. Last week, the paper launched an attack on Martin Heidegger, the 20th century’s most influential philosopher.

“Heidegger’s ‘black notebooks’ reveal antisemitism at core of his philosophy” the paper’s headline read.  But what does that mean? Was Heidegger really a Jew hater? Did he oppose people for being ethnically or ‘racially’ Jewish or was he, instead, critical of Jewish politics, culture, ideology and spirit?

According to the ‘progressive’ British Guardian, the newly published Black Notebooks reveals that Heidegger saw ‘world Judaism’ as the driver of “dehumanising modernity”.

Needless to mention that we didn’t need a ‘new publication’ to assert that this was Heidegger’s view of Jewish culture and politics. The German thinker, like many of his contemporaries, saw “Jerusalem” as a suppressive and corrupted spiritual, cultural and intellectual influence as opposed to “Athens”, which portrayed in his eyes, the birth of humanism, universalism, aesthetics, ethics and pluralism.

Let’s examine what makes a prominent thinker into an Anti Semite in the eyes of The Guardian. “While distancing himself from the racial theories pursued by Nazi intellectuals, Heidegger argues that Weltjudentum (“world Judaism”) is one of the main drivers of western modernity, which he viewed critically.”

But aren’t we entitled to criticize religion, culture or Ideology?  Aren’t we allowed to disapprove of modernity or technology and to try to identify its cultural and ideological roots? For some reason, I can’t recall The Guardian taking Max Weber to task for suggesting that Protestant ethics was the driving force behind Capitalism. Embarrassingly enough, the same Guardian that clumsily and shamelessly smears the greatest continental thinker, provides a platform to a long list of Neocons, pro-war advocates such as Nick Cohen who constantly and relentlessly criticize the so-called  ‘Islamo-Fascists’ – a code name for Islamic political culture. I guess that for The Guardian of Judea, it is only Jewish culture, religion and ideology that must remain beyond criticism.

“World Judaism”, Heidegger writes in the notebooks, “is ungraspable everywhere and doesn’t need to get involved in military action while continuing to unfurl its influence, whereas we are left to sacrifice the best blood of the best of our people”.  But is the above observation anti Semitic? Can an honest observation be anti Semitic, or shall we say a form of ‘hatred’, or should it be more appropriately tagged as an uncomfortable truth? Continue reading

Eyewitnesses Reveal Daraya Massacre Carried Out By U.S.-Backed Rebels

Bloodshed the work of armed militants before Syrian troops arrived

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In an extraordinary account of the Daraya massacre by veteran journalist Robert Fisk, eyewitnesses reveal that it was U.S.-backed FSA rebels and not the Syrian Army who were responsible for the slaughter of 245 men, women and children.

The massacre, which took place last weekend, was instantly blamed on President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces by the global media despite video footage from the scene showing victims welcoming the presence of Syrian Army troops and blaming the violence on armed rebels.

Those eyewitness accounts have now been verified thanks to the courageous journalism of veteran reporter Robert Fisk, who is risking his life in his role as one of the few impartial media observers inside Syria.

In an article for the London Independent entitled Inside Daraya – how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre, Fisk reveals how he was able to talk to eyewitnesses independently of Syrian officials, all of whom said the violence was carried out by armed rebels before the Syrian Army even arrived in the town, which is five miles outside Damascus. Continue reading

The former Lebanese security chief warns against the consequences of Assad’s fall

Editor’s note: We post this article to inform on what’s being said about Syria around the globe. Posting is not fully endorsing.

Jamil Sayyed

Alternative views on the situation in Syria, long silenced in the mainstream Western press, are more and more often making inroads into some of the most important Western media outlets. One of the most interesting such comments was published in the French daily Le Figaro, which dared to present to its readers an interview with the general Jamil Sayyed, former head of the security service (Surete Generale) of Lebanon, a country situated nest to Syria and still linked to it by millions of human ties.

“Despite all the claims of the propaganda from the satellite television of the Gulf states, as well as from the states of the West, Syria has a state, and this state is very strong,” Sayyed told Le Figaro. “For 18 months these media outlets have been predicting the fall of Bashar Assad’s government, but this government is still in place! Do you know many other states, which, placed in a similar situation, would resist so long? Syria is facing an unprecedented media war, conducted against it on a planetary scale. It faces hostility from all of its neighbors and direct interference of the Arab petro-states of the Gulf region, which commit unlimited financial resources to the Syrian state’s destruction. But it is still there.” Continue reading

Is Reuters A Credible News Agency?

Something funny happened today that is unthinkable in the news industry, Reuters conducts an interview with the so called head of the Turkey sponsored FSA terrorists Riad al Asaad who declared his troops had to withdraw from Aleppo after inflicting heavy losses on their sides: 1,000 killed and 1,500 arrested terrorists by the Syrian Army, then he states that their FSA terrorists will withdraw from all Syrian cities because they now believe there’s a conspiracy between the Syrian government and the regimes of Qatar and Saudi to get rid of his terrorist organization..!!

And from another website:

And what about this false-flag file being prepared by NATO for about 2 months now in order to blame the Syrian state for using chemical weapons on own citizens?

It’s only left to the Sheeple of the west to swallow a false-flag time and time again in ultra denial and just because it’s easier to doubt any info instead of working own mind and guess: if the Syrian state uses chemical weapons on own people whom compose the same state, who would shoot the chemicals on his own family from the army? And to what benefit? Especially when the Syrian army is winning on the ground and the infiltrators with all the support they get from all western powers and their stooges in the region openly?! Doesn’t make sense, correct? Continue reading

Syria: Screen shots of the stories Reuters took down

Thanks you to Syriangirl Partisan for making those screen shots!

The fact that REUTERS decided to remove those articles, prove how biased and propagandistic western mainstream media is. Indeed, their first reports containing a glimpse of truth since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, were removed just a few hours after being posted. In another attempt to hide the truth and mislead public opinion.

Rebels preparing to smuggle Ghaddafi’s chemical weapons into Syria via Turkey Continue reading

Repentant Qabbani: Armed Terrorists Shoot Demonstrators to Accuse Syrian Army


DAMASCUS, (SANA) _ Mohamad Salim Qabbani, a former collaborator with Mass Media means of lies and fabrications against Syria, narrated last night to Syrian Satellite TV Channel his personal involvement in fabricating news about the ongoing in Syria.

Qabbani disclosed the presence of scores of specialized so-called news rooms to invent, edit and fabricate news items and stories to be aired by scores of media outlets like B.B.C., al-Jazeera, France 24, al-Arabyia and others.

Qabbani pointed out that he made calls to and contacts with scores of media outlets to tell them different invented stories about the city of Homs when he was in Lebanon in Irsal town.

Qabbani added that armed terrorist used to shoot at the demonstrators in different regions as to accuse the Syrian Army and Security of doing so.

“The demonstrators felt bored if they weren’t to provoke security forces; so the demonstrators used to hurl Molotov or stones at the security forces which could not but defend themselves,” said Qabbani. Continue reading

Still wondering why the brave Syrian Arab Army attacks schools?

By @MKERone

Many reports claimed that the Syrian Arab Army stormed, bombed, launched massive attacks against schools. For those aware of what’s happening in Syria, having the Army attacking schools is unthinkable. And is contradictory with reports from the Syrian people itself, asking the army to take control of the cities to prevent the terrorists from entering.

As usual, mainstream media misleads public opinion. The brainwashed masses, when hearing / reading that the army is attacking schools immediately side with the rebels. Indeed, the mainstream media narrative has been explaining that the rebels had to resort to violence because of “criminal Bashar Al Assad Regime sending its army to kill unarmed and peaceful protesters”. So, now, the terrorists which have been using weapons since day one, are depicted as revolutionaries fighting a dictatorship and protecting the Syrian people against its “crazy” leaders.

As you all know, mainstream media reports are unverified and come from unreliable sources such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Danny the Syrian, etc… And serve the interests of the countries (Gulf-Western countries) willing to see the independent & sovereign Syria fall, in order to have a Libyan style transition, it is to say total chaos in the country.

Let’s get back to the main point of this article, which is “Why is the Syrian Arab Army attacking schools” ?  Even myself, and I am a great supporter of the Syrian Arab Army and of the legitimate president Bashar Al Assad, cannot deny that schools have been attacked. Well, instead of words, I think the following image will be enough for you to understand why the Syrian Arab Army attacks schools. And let me tell you that I totally support these attacks.

Rebel fighters rest at a primary school in the center of the city. Source:

As we’ve been reporting since day one, the Libyan scheme is being implemented in Syria. Same mainstream media narratives: “brutal government forces attack schools”. What they fail to report though, is that the NATO backed terrorists break into those schools, expel all of its occupants (kids, teachers, parents, staff…) find refuge in it and use it as a hideout.

I’m wondering… How is it possible to have people so deeply brainwashed that they’d be blaming the government for launching attacks against schools on the one hand, and on the other hand watch the type of photo you can see above ? And not question anything?

“Lamestream” media and westrn-gulf deceitful leaders are very successful when it comes to misleading people. They are to blame, for sure. But we also need to face the reality. The brainwashed ignorant masses seem to enjoy being misled.  And they unfortunately are the majority of us. They’ve been lied to so many times… But still accepts media lies and fake reports without even questioning them. That’s a shame.

And that’s one of the reasons that made us come up with the CounterPsyOps project. Which we hope, can help some people understand what is really unfolding in Syria, and elsewhere.

Syria: Massacre sponsored by the US / EU / GCC and protected by the UN. Yet another propaganda operation

Source: El Maratous

the now widley known fabricator Khaled abo Salah posted on his facebook account pictures calming to be “the massacre of Hawli” while in fact it is form the massacre of Karm Al Zaitoun made by the terrorist fundamentalist gangs of the FSA with their signatures on the walls.. they killed and mutilated many families following their systematic genocide after they rape women infront of the children they shoot the women then kill the children .. this is the latest fabrication the idiots, just like their followers, tried to show only the faces.. but we already know the full picture …