Scattered gun fights sound ‘Battle For Damascus’

Syrian army tank rolling through a street in Dumeir, 40 kms northeast of Damascus (AFP Photo/YouTube)

After declaring an all-out offensive on government troops, Free Syrian Army militants are fighting to destabilize the capital Damascus. RT’s Maria Finoshina reports that sporadic gunfire and blasts could be heard close to the city center.

Despite official reports that the Syrian capital was fully cleared from armed militants on Tuesday morning, the gunfire in Damascus continues.

RT’s correspondent Maria Finoshina reports the intensity of fighting inside Damascus is nowhere near the level she experienced during last weeks assault on Douma, some 14 km from the capital, where she remembers her hotel windows shaking from the fierce exchanges.

Though occasional shooting in ‪Damascus‬ continues and armed soldiers are patrolling the streets, “it doesn’t seem like final or decisive battle for capital, really,” Finoshina reports.

A deputy ‪Damascus‬ police chief was also reportedly killed in the clashes. Continue reading