Marines around the world are outraged by the injuries inflicted by police on Scott Olsen at Tuesday’s Occupy Oakland protests.  Olsen is in a medically-induced coma after getting hit in the head by a police projectile.

The photo is taken from the Reddit thread:

How I feel, as a United States Marine, about what occurred in Oakland

In the five hours since the thread went up there have been over 600 comments.


OCCUPY OAKLAND – Scott Olsen Was Shot In The Head Intentionally From Less Than 10 Feet By The Same Officer Who Threw The Flash Grenade.

Here is a photo of the ammunition or projectiles which police shot at the Oakland protesters:

Karl Denninger argues that the police intended to hit Olsen in the head:

     One ex-Marine — a combat veteran — took a rubber round in the head. He is in critical condition and may die. That was not a mistake; that was aimed fire and an intentional assassination. Sorry folks, that’s facts – from 50′ you don’t “miss” and hit someone in the head with these things if you’re shooting for the legs or other non-vital parts. He was shot in the head by someone who aimed for the head. Those projectiles arenot “non-lethal” and the bomb thrown by a cop at the people trying to come to his assistance after he fell wasn’t tossed accidentally either.

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