President al-Assad: the Political Process is Moving Forward, National Security is a Red Line

Source: Sana

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday paid tribute to the souls of the innocent martyrs of the civilians and the military who have lost their lives since the early days of the events, stressing that their blood will not go in vain.

President al-Assad, addressing the People’s Assembly on the occasion of its first legislative term, eferring to the martyrs of the parliamentary candidates who were supposed to be part of “this big national workshop” on “this historic day”.

“To their souls and the souls of all innocent civilian and military martyrs who fell since the early days of the events, we stand in honor and high regard and send their families greetings and love and say to them ‘Their blood won’t go in vain’, and this is not be out of spite but out of the right as right is never lost unless it is abandoned by its holder.”

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Sirte: Doctor breaks down when she points to two martyred victims of Nato

This is what NATO regards as protecting civilian lives, but we all know by now the terroristic nature of NATO, we are all informed, thank GOD for opening our eyes.

Let us take a moment and pray for these innocent souls, and pray for the doctor and her strength and perseverance.

Source: OZYISM 

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