Suicide driver carrying 1200kgs of explosives was arrested in Aleppo

Sara Firth Tweet

By Citizen K

Sara Firth, Russia Today journalist currently in Syria, confirms this information. After the deadly bombings that took place yesterday in Damascus, foreign funded, trained, armed, financed terrorists, were about to carry out another round of massive killing today, in Aleppo.

Thank to all those who will read and share this information.


Libya’s La Terreur Metastasizes

By Franklin Lamb at Al-Manar


France’s early September 1793 to late July 1794 Reign of Terror, the period of violence following the initial “success” of the French Revolution was incited by conflict between rival political factions and was marked by mass executions including “disappearances” of perceived enemies of the revolution.

Libya has entered its own La Terreur which is spreading inexorably and is aided by NATO member states including American, French and British SAS units known locally as “disappearance squads”. This is one of the rapidly developing consequences of the UN’s rush to “protect Libya’s civilian population” last spring.
And it is why human rights investigators are arriving in Benghazi Libya this week.

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