Syria medics uncover Latakia massacre


Hundreds of civilians including women and children were killed by militants in Latakia, Syria.

More than 200 bodies have been delivered to hospitals in the western Syrian province of Latakia following the occupation of several towns and villages by foreign-backed militants, medical sources say.

The medics said on Tuesday that most of the dead bodies belonged civilians including women and children who have been killed in ambushes carried out by terrorists groups around the city of Latakia.

Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has been blamed for massacre of civilians in several villages after they tried to make a base for the terrorist group in west of Syria.

Syrian army extended its operations in Latakia and successfully pushed them back from most of the province in July after terrorists intensified their attacks on the port city.

On Monday, the Syrian army recaptured the villages of Hambousheyah, al-Ballouta and Sheikh Nabhan in the strategic province.

Military officials say they are now getting closer to the Salma village, which is the last bastion of Takfiri extremists in the region.

Latakia was a relatively more secure area since the massive foreign-backed insurgency started in March 2011 in Syria.

The Latakia is still considered as a stable area and most of the clashes are occurring in the surrounding towns and villages.

Syria has been struggling with a foreign-backed insurgency, most supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and United States, which started in 2011 after pro-reform protests turned into a massive war by infiltration of foreign extremists.

The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have been killed and a total of 7.8 million displaced due to the foreign-backed militancy in Syria.

Source: Alalam

Did Israel Overstep This Time?


By Stephen LENDMAN

Rogue states get away with murder only so long. Eventually their crimes catch up with them. Israeli policies are self-defeating. How long can killing civilian men, women, children, infants, and the elderly be called self-defense?

Palestinians and eyewitnesses explain best. Mondoweiss contributor Adie Mormech saw smoke rise after Israeli bombs exploded.

A four-year old child struck playing in the street.

An elderly Zaytoun neighborhood man killed. Four others injured.

The same scenario plays out across Gaza. Trapped civilians have nowhere to hide. Israel terrorizes them. World leaders blame Palestinian victims. They’re complicit in Israeli crimes.

Adie teachers 12-year old Abdullah Samouni. “We’re really scared,” he said. He lost his father. During Cast Lead, his four-year old brother was shot. “In three days, Abdullah was injured and lost 29 members of his extended family.”

How much more can he and others take? Al Shifa Hospital admits patients constantly….”an elderly man, a young man, a child, two more children.”

A 10-month old child with brain damage and a fractured skull. Her tiny body wasn’t strong enough to survive.

Who knows what’s next. “The complete madness of this violence makes me wonder what we have done to ourselves. How do we allow humanity to manifest itself in this way.”

On November 14, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Cloud. Sunday is day five. Over 1,000 sorties were flown.

Ground and offshore shelling supplements them. Mostly civilians and non-military targets are attacked. Israel prioritizes noncombatant killing and destruction. Civilians comprised over 80% of Cast Lead casualties. Media scoundrels pretend otherwise.

Reality is Gaza is as follows. Around 1.7 million people are trapped under siege. Humanitarian crisis conditions are longstanding.

Prior to Operation Pillar of Cloud, Israel launched intermittent air, ground, and offshore attacks. Wives lose husbands. Husbands lose wives. Parents lose children. They lose siblings. Extended family members perish. So do good friends.

No one’s safe anywhere anytime. No one’s sure who’ll live or die. When Palestinians respond defensively, they’re called terrorists. Israeli aggression is called justifiable self-defense.

How many Palestinian deaths and injuries will prove otherwise? How much wanton destruction is needed to expose Israeli state terror?

How much human suffering will be permitted before leaders able to stop it say no more? How long will Israel be allowed to get away with murder?

Israel’s partnership with America threatens world peace. One day expect a tipping point to be reached. When public rage crosses a threshold of no return, all bets are off.

World outrage about Israeli crimes grows. Did Israel overstep this time? Millions of ordinary people say so. They support Palestine. They’re outraged about daily bombing, shelling, slaughter, and destruction.

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Israel Launches Savage Assault on Helpless Palestinians: Arab Governments Do Nothing As Usual

(Artwork produced in an underground tunnel somewhere in the western United States by the Graphic Visigoth Brigades – General Command)

Mantiq al-Tayr

The White House aside, is there anything more useless, corrupt, immoral and completely full of shit than an Arab government? Just asking.

Below is my detailed analysis of what the Arab governments have done for the Palestinians since Israel began its orgy of murder against the Palestinians in Gaza a few days ago.

2. Okay, now it’s video time. You’ve earned it after all that. (I bet Shas Party members are wondering what the fuck I’m talking about, but I digress.)

The video below shows everything that is wrong with Arab governments.

For those of you who don’t speak Arabic, it is the press conference of the Israeli Prime Minister for Egyptian Affairs (IPMFEA), Hesham Qandil, at the end of his visit to Gaza which lasted about as long as a business lunch. He then got his ass out of town so fast you’d think he was a kitchen cockroach when the light is turned on.

رئيس الوزراء الاسرائيلي للشؤون المصرية هشام قنديل قبل فراره من غزة



The Ulstermanreport

After weeks of lying and repeated deflection, it now appears the Main Stream media is finally poised to demand answers from an Obama administration that literally watched and did NOTHING as an American ambassador and three others were killed during a terrorist attack against the Benghazi consulate on the anniversary of September 11th, 2001.


Senate Intel vice chair: We’ve been demanding these e-mails since the Benghazi attack

Emails detail unfolding Benghazi attack on Sept. 11

With the growing proof now coming from mulitiple media sources, look back on Barack Obama acting defiant regarding the possibility of anyone questioning his response to the Benghazi Massacre – and then ask yourself if a man so easily lies about the most sacred duty of a President of the United States, what more is he willing to lie about? What more is he willing to do to try and secure a second term?

Barack Obama DID mislead. He DID lie. He IS playing politics with the death of four Americans. Among the most disgusting public displays of any American president. Utterly deplorable.

The real Benghazi scandal


By MUNROE JONES, Swannanoa, N.C. for The Washington Times

Much has been made by the conservative media of the Obama administration’s changing explanation of what really happened at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last month, but the real scandal is what happened before the attack (“The real reason behind Benghazigate,” Commentary, Tuesday).

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Syria: Terrorists are Preparing Another Big Massacre

For the past week the terrorists have been threatening the government, that unless the government forces refrain from attacking them, the next massacre will be bigger than ever. 

Terrorist Free Syrian Army

Source: Friends of Syria

Terrorist Facebook pages have evidence of them planning something big and they are making no secret of the fact. USA is now packing arms and waiting for that massacre as an excuse to intervene. As today is Friday we think that this may happen today. The Syrian people are living in fear of this happening and are waiting for the terrorists to do something big, that they can blame on the Syrian government so that the USA have an excuse to invade, just like in Iraq.

One source says “The FSA  attacked Al-dmair airbase yesterday. They were in large numbers but our brave army eliminated them after long hours of fighting. The want to attack Damascus at any cost. I don’t understand where all those thousands of terrorists come from? How do they enter and where have they been hiding all this time?”

The USA are now getting more frustrated that their invasion of Syria is not going to plan so the dialogue coming out of America is getting stronger by the day, even though EU, Russia and China are looking for a peaceful end to the violence. Hillary Clinton, McCain and others are threatening invasion.

Any invasion of Syria by the USA will start WW3 and the USA which has never been attacked is intent in invading every country it feels they can pillage resources from. If the USA keep going along this route, they will become the most hated country on this planet and the world will turn against them.

The USA plans are now abundantly clear to the world now.

Syria News 27/05/2012. Comments from Syrian citizens on the Hawlah massacre

Citizens tell their story and their suffers because of the terrorists backed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia
* New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in Homs Countryside Prior to Annan’s Visit.
* Makdissi: Syria Has the Right to Defend and Protect its Nationals.
* Makdissi: condemned in strongest terms this terrorist massacre against the Syrian civilians as he condemned accusing the Syrian forces of doing that.
* Makdissi: those who commit the killing are not the army but the armed terrorist groups.
* Terrorists Fire Mortar Rounds on Neighborhoods in Homs, Gunmen Arrested in Clash with Authorities in Douma
* Authorities Seize Explosive Device Factory and Repository in Homs
* Armed Terrorist Group Burglarizes SYP 12 Million in Albu Kamal.
Recorded from Syrian Official Tv Channel and brought to you by