Ahmadinejad: “World must condemn killing of Press TV reporter, Maya Nasser, in Syria”

Press TV correspondent in Damascus, Maya Naser, who was killed in a terrorist attack on September 26, 2012


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on the international community to condemn the assassination of a Press TV correspondent in Syria.

“I do hope that such an event will not be repeated anywhere in the world and I do hope that all, without paying attention to the personal preferences, will come to condemn such events,” President Ahmadinejad said in a press conference following his speech at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday.

Insurgents in the Syrian capital of Damascus attacked Press TV staff, killing the Iranian English-language news network’s correspondent, Maya Naser, and injuring Press TV and Al-Alam Damascus Bureau Chief Hosein Mortada, on Wednesday.

Naser was shot and killed by a sniper, while Mortada, a Lebanese national, was shot and wounded in the back.

The two were covering twin bomb blasts, which targeted the military command building in the Syrian capital and killed at least four Syrian security forces.

The Iranian president expressed his sincere condolences over the death of the Press TV correspondent and called on everyone to respect the sanctity of reporters.

He said that reporting is a very important tool which sheds light on realities and informs the international community about events that happen in faraway places.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast on Wednesday strongly condemned the latest terrorist attacks in Syria, which led to Naser’s death.

“The mass media are working in the most difficult circumstances to reflect the realities and truth to the public opinion, and recourse to violence and terrorism can never prevent Syria’s realities from being revealed to people,” he said.

Born on July 30, 1979 in Syria, Maya Naser had studied political science, was fluent in Arabic and English and had worked in many countries including the US, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain.

Syria has been the scene of deadly unrest since mid-March, 2011 and many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a large number of the insurgents are foreign nationals.  Continue reading

Une presse qui reflète notre société: manipulée et déshumanisée. Maya Nasser, repose en paix

By MKERone

Un journaliste Syrien, Maya Nasser (voir ICI – ICI – ICI ), est assassiné par un sniper et les medias “sionistes” occidentaux (notamment l’Express) en profitent pour distiller leur propagande habituelle sans même condamner l’assassinat.

Ce qui prouve le manque de déontologie, d’indépendance et d’objectivité des médias Français.

Quels que soient les points de vues exprimés par un journaliste, les supposées liberté de la presse et liberté d’opinion, à quoi s’ajoutent le code déontologique du journalisme, ainsi que la nécessaire foi en la profession par lesquels les journalistes devraient être habités (ils nous prouvent au quotidien qu’ils ne le sont pas…), nous laissent attendre une condamnation unanime de cet assassinat.

Hors… voilà à ce quoi nous avons droit… Des journalistes complaisants (et qui deviennent de fait des complices) n’accordant plus aucune importance à la vie humaine. Même pas à celle d’un confrère. Car ce dernier ne partageait pas les mêmes opinions qu’eux.

Une infinitésimale partie de la population s’en rendra compte. Triste constat. Il s’agit là de rien d’autre que d’un reflet de notre société: manipulée et déshumanisée. Où tout ce qui ne nous ressemble pas incarne le mal. L’inconnu est effrayant, alors lynchons-le, que les esprits des masses populaires dociles et bien dressés le rejettent avant qu’il ne faille l’expliquer. Car nous ne pouvons pas expliquer l’inconnu, ce qui ne nous ressemble pas. Ne mettons pas en péril notre chère “pensée unique”. Qui ne doit son existence qu’à l’ignorance et la totale acceptation des cerveaux formatés.

Nous appelons, comme nous l’avons toujours fait, au boycott des grands groupes de presse et de leurs journaux biaisés. Le peuple Français doit se rendre compte des manipulations auxquelles il est sans cesse soumis. Et desquels la première victime est la vérité.

“News Syria” tribute to Maya Nasser

Maya Nasser


My friend and our Syrian hero Maya Naser was assassinated today & his colleague Hussein Murtada was injured by a sniper in Damascus when Maya, the reporter from PressTV & Hussein the head of Al Alam TV bureau in Syria, went to cover the explosion this morning at the Omayyad Square.

Maya escaped death a couple of weeks ago when he and his team fell in a trap by Erdogan thugs aka FSA on his way back from Aleppo, Murtada also escaped death less than 10 days ago when a shrapnel injured him.

Maya my friend, you were martyred while covering the events and conveying the truth to the world, they wanted to silence you to pass their lies among people, we vow to keep telling the truth and we promise you to keep defacing the criminals until they’re tried in a justice court and punished.

Rest in peace my friend, may God his almighty accept you in the highest heavens along with the martyrs, the prophets and their companions, as he promised the martyrs.

Source: News Syria

For those who didn’t know him: Brave Journalist MAYA NASSER, courageous and honest, always on the field reporting truth

By MKERone

Just a couple of videos to show to the world who was Maya Nasser. A brave man, full of courage that gave his life for reporting truth. He was always on the field, even during shootings, to expose western media lies and give people an exclusive view on what has been unfolding in Syria.

He was a real journalist. On the field, talking about what he knew, saw, experienced. Not like the so called pundits, confortably sat in skycrapers MSM studios, talking about Syrian conflict thousands of miles away from Syria.

That is the reason why GCC/NATO/EU/USrahell/UN needed to kill Maya Nasser. To silence him.

Rest in peace dear brother ! May peace be upon you

Press TV correspondent, Maya Nasser, killed in Syrian capital

By MKERone

Maya Nasser was killed by a sniper in Damascus, today. And that’s a Nato technique without a doubt. Another western assassination in Syria… Be sure that no international investagition will follow this hideous crime. No-one will be punished for this crime. No international community reaction will be displayed on all TV stations, no Hillary Clinton “the war criminal” declaration. No one will talk about it at the UN, no one will blame this assassination. Once again, you will witness international silence.

Don’t expect your usual PRESSTITUTES to talk about this great man, a man that knew the meaning of journalism, during the daily news.

That is the reason why we post about his assassination. We want the world to know. So please spread the word. The world needs to know!

Don’t make Maya Nasser lifetime work end up in the trash of history and useless. This man gave his life for truth. A hero. A real hero.

His death is such a terrible news.
I can’t belive he got killed. Such a courageous and honest man! May peace be upon him.

We will always remember him and will always be grateful for all he did to bring truth to light.