Fukushima Fallout; GE Explains How They Manipulate The Media

[EDITOR’S NOTE: GENERAL ELECTRIC – NBC (In  they 2000 donated 1.1 million to George W Bush for his election campaign)

TV Holdings:
* NBC: Owns outright 13 stations and many affiliates, Market penetration: 28% of US households.
* NBC Network News: Owns The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline.
* CNBC business network, MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by  both NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%).
The MS  in MSNBC  stands for Microsoft, Bill Gate’s Microsoft donated 2.4 million in 2000 to get George W Bush elected.

Other Holdings:
* GE Consumer Electronics and Household Products and components used in military electronics..
* GE Power Systems, which makes turbines for nuclear reactors, wind turbines,  “clean” coal technology.
* GE Plastics: produces military hardware for fighter jets, ships and nuclear power equipment.
* GE Transportation Systems: manufactures engines and diesel and electric locomotives.

For more detail about Who Really Determines What You Will Or Will Not See On TV Or Read In The Newspaper?
Please see : WHO OWNS THE NEWS ? ]


Fukushima Fallout; GE Explains How They Manipulate The Media

By Fukukeaks.org

An interesting admission was recently made by the top communications person at General Electric related to how the company manipulates major US media. Christoper White, the Communications Leader at GE bragged in his career bio on Linked In admitting the extent that the company can control what major US media tells the public related to them.

“I have solid relationships with reporters and producers at the country’s largest media outlets like CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, NBC’s Today Show, the AP and others. I have placed front page, A-block stories in these and other publications and, as importantly, kept my clients off the front pages of these same publications.”

“My crisis experience includes post-Fukushima reputation management, commercial and general aviation aircraft accidents and incidents, national security threats and the U.S. government’s response (including 9/11, the August 2007 liquid explosives threat) and others.”

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Matt Taibbi On The CNBC “Presstitutes”

By Tyler Durden, Zeroedge

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog

The top definition of presstitute according to Urban Dictionary is:

1. presstitute
A member of the media who will alter their story and reporting based on financial interests or other ties with usually partisan individuals or groups.

It has become abundantly clear in recent years that the mainstream media can not be identified as anything other that a collective of mediocre, corporate/government ass-kissing presstitutes.
Different media outlets cater to different special interests, but the end result is all the same. MSNBC for example is essentially a straight up PR outlet for the Democratic Party, while Fox News represents the neo-con arm of the Republican Party and the military-industrial complex generally.

CNBC has a special position in the presstitute media hierarchy. They basically defend Wall Street at all costs. The station represents the most important media gatekeeper for the financial oligarch, crony class.The following video is an interview on the daily political talk show Majority Report, hosted by Sam Seder. In this episode, he discusses with Matt Taibbi the recent appearance of Salon’s Alex Pareene on CNBC in which Maria Bartiromo unabashedly presstitutes herself out for Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan in an utterly embarrassing manner.

The clip is a little over 16 minutes, but well worth your time. Sam Seder is pretty hilarious and his rapport with Taibbi is excellent.




du 11 au 15 mars 2013 : Du jamais vu dans l’histoire humaine… Ben Bernanke a balancé aux banquiers et financiers pour 2.000 milliards de dollars de planches à billets depuis 2008. Deux mille milliards vous imaginez, ce qui a permis au Dow Jones de soi disant battre ses records historiques selon les crétins, pardon, journalistes économiques que voyez causer dans le poste. Des records qui vont en effet de pair, parfaitement synchronisés même, aux licenciements massifs que l’on voit depuis début 2008 et qui se poursuivent sans cesse depuis mai 2012.

Mais la presse vendue vous dit que tout va bien dans l’économie puisque le Dow Jones a battu son record… Elle a juste oublié ce qui s’est passé 6 mois après ce fameux record. Wall Street a tout simplement explosé!! Il n’y a que les “experts” pour ne pas voir l’évidence… Il se trouve que Zero Hedge et le FT ont eu la même réaction outrée que votre serviteur. ZH a même comparé les principaux indicateurs de 2007 vs 2013 et là, on voit bien LA GRANDE ESCROQUERIE DES AMERICAINS et aussi celle des journalistes économiques (et bien sûr des députés et ministres complices) qui laissent faire sans rien dire.

– GDP Growth: Then +2.5% – Now +1.6%

– Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75 – Now $3.73

– Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force) – Then 6.7 million – Now 13.2 million

– Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million – Now 47.69 million

– Size of Fed’s Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion – Now $3.01 trillion

– US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then 38% – Now 74.2%

– US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion – Now $975.6 billion

– Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion – Now $16.43 trillion

Au fait Monsieur Toutou, Bozo, Langlais, etc., comment expliquez-vous que, comme le Dow Jones, le CAC40 n’ait pas battu son record, environ 6200 points, de 2007? Hmmm? Pourquoi il se traîne à 3700 points?
Comment expliquez vous que le chômage ait explosé des deux côtés de l’Atlantique, malgré la (pseudo) bonne santé outrageuse du monde financier? Comment expliquez vous qu’au moins 30 HEDGE-FUNDS américains n’aient pas explosé après que le cours d’Apple se soit effondré de presque 40%?

La réponse est simple: parce que sur ces 2000 milliards, la Fed n’a balancé aux Européens que quelques milliards de dollars, juste pour mieux les endetter et leur garder la tête hors de l’eau, en réalité juste de quoi respirer… Tout le reste a sauvé les établissements US. Au passage, le peuple européen paye une partie du rétablissement de Wall Street avec du vrai argent, puisqu’il n’y a pas de vraie planche à billets européenne.

PS: Vous avez remarqué que la presse éco française se garde bien d’utiliser le terme “planche à billets”… ça ferait désordre. Les caniches utilisent “assouplissement”, si, si, genre Soupline, voyez?, que Madame verse dans sa machine à laver (c’est aussi une manière inconsciente de nous dire qu’ils nous servent bien de la soupe et pas de l’info)

PS2: le Telegraph non plus n’est pas tombé dans le panneau. “Central bank money printing and the mystery of soaring shares. ‘Why did nobody see it coming?”, the Queen asked four years ago on a visit to the London School of Economics, a brilliantly faux naïve question that cruelly exposed the failings of modern economics”… ha ha ha: “1) One reason is zero interest rates, allowing companies which, in a conventional recession, would have gone bust, to stay in business. At the same time, banks have been bailed out, so that bad debts have in effect been nationalised. Taxpayers rather than investors are being made to pay the price for past excesses. The insolvency problem has been transferred from the private to the public sector … It’s labour rather than capital which has been most damaged by the downturn … 2) The other related explanation is central bank money printing”.

Cliquez ici pour lire l’analyse perfide de la Perfide Albion

PS3: Lisez cet article de ZH “Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week”pour que certaines banques bien de chez nous ne fassent pas faillite… ça ferait désordre au Dow Jones. Vous avez vu d’ailleurs que le cours du Crédit Agricole est monté? Faut-il y voir l’intervention de la FED??? ha ha ha… Le monde est entré dans un Weimar planétaire, et tout va sauter à un moment donné ou à un autre.

PS4: Lisez surtout ce papier de Caldwell dans le Financial Times ici “What looks like a rally may just be the effect of elites passing money among themselves. The Dow Jones rallied beyond 14,300 points this week, passing the highs it reached in 2007 just as the world economy was starting to wobble”… qui vous explique que tout ceci n’est qu’une cavalerie géante menée par nos politiques, sur le dos du peuple, c’est à dire vous et moi.


– Globalist Hollywood Puppets Concoct Laughable Cinematic Recreation of Bin Laden Death Hoax –


By Bernie SUAREZ, Activist Post

After the establishment puppets coordinated with the 4th branch of government (aka the mainstream media mouthpieces) on Sunday night May 1st, 2011 to air the press release heard around the world (now known as the Bin Laden death hoax); we all thought at first, how strange since no one had heard a peep about Bin Laden in almost 10 years.

At the time, any mention about the apparently already dead Bin Laden was rare. Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barack Obama) ratings were at an all-time low; his laundry-list of broken promises were all exposed; everyone now understood that he was a liar, an actor puppet put into the White House to smooth-talk Americans into going along with the global new world order plans by using his charm and teleprompter speeches filled with talking points, buzz words and clever deceptive salesman tactics.

We were also just four days removed from an extremely embarrassing and controversial doctored electronic birth certificate which had been boldly uploaded to Whitehouse.gov as supposed “proof” that Soetoro was indeed an American-born citizen. This poorly synthesized birth certificate, missing seal and apparent Photoshop hack-job disaster, was building up to be Watergate to the tenth power; a full-on disaster for Obama.

The White House needed something to distract Americans while they can spin off the birth certificate disaster (through the use of blogger site shills) as special scanner creation anomalies.

There we all were, that Sunday night and Monday morning; all subjected to the mass media kangaroo 24/7 hysteria coverage of the supposed Bin Laden capture, killing, body wrapping, body-sea-disposal and zero hard evidence because it was deemed “too graphic” for the public to view. Then the media got caught in piles of lies as usual, circulating phony pictures of Bin Laden.

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Flipping The Script: The Western Media’s Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart

What is written in the press is lies. What is hidden in plain view is the truth.

By Saman Mohammadi, The Excavator

Do you remember this guy, Jason Russell? He was the frontman for the short-lived and over-hyped “Kony 2012″ propaganda campaign that exploited young people’s emotions to popularize a U.S. military invasion of Uganda. After his lies were exposed on the Internet he had a shocking meltdown in public. He ran around naked near traffic lights, smashed his fists on the pavement, and screamed bizarrely. The heavy spirit of Madness conquered his weak will.

The day before his freakish breakdown Russell was idolized in the mainstream press as a saint on a mission to save the children of Africa. His war propaganda documentary about the deceased CIA contractor Joseph Kony became hugely popular on Facebook and other social media outlets. But as soon as his mask came down and his craziness was captured by cameras, the media vultures forgot about his crusade and quickly moved on to the next hot story.

The new story that captured the corrupt Western media’s attention was Syria. The conflict was heating up, and the “international community” was being pressed to take action against the country. “Assad is killing his own people,” they said, without offering any evidence. “This is the next domino to fall in the Arab Spring, the rebels must be supported and Assad has to step down,” so went the propaganda. And yadda yadda. The media’s insane lies were repeated for months. Major media channels were engaged in non-stop propaganda warfare to destroy the independent Syrian state and reduce Syrians to slavery.

But then something remarkable and unexpected happened. Some Western journalists began telling the truth about the origins of the conflict, the true motives behind the West’s anti-Syria propaganda, and the nature of the unpopular Syrian opposition.

The spell was broken.

In June, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported that the infamous Houla massacre was committed not by Assad’s forces, as it was claimed by the Western media at first, but by the NATO-backed terrorist opposition.

The official narrative about the Syrian conflict fell apart at that point. The moral case for overthrowing Assad was lost because it was based on total lies. The naked aggression by NATO’s barbaric pawns against Syrian civilians was clear to see for anyone who was paying attention.

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The EyeOpener- Nuclear Ambiguity: Israel’s “Secret” Arsenal

The Blatant Hypocrisy When it Comes to Nuclear Threats in the Middle East

Hand-wringing over Iran’s nuclear program has been a mainstay of western political discourse. Indeed, fear mongering over the possibility of an independent Iranian nuclear program has become so commonplace that it seldom raises an eyebrow, even among the most cynical observers of the bought-and-paid-for corporate media.

To defuse the glaring hypocrisy of the world’s greatest nuclear superpower chastising a nation halfway around the world for pursuing a nuclear program that is admittedly still incapable of even producing a single nuclear weapon, it is often stressed that the IAEA ruled Iran to be in violation of its obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. However, what is never mentioned in this context is that there is in fact only one nation in the Middle East that is not a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty itself, and only one country with a nuclear arsenal, an arsenal that has never been inspected by the IAEA or anybody else: Israel.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, presenting history, facts and hypocrisies on the world’s sixth nuclear superpower, Israel, and the United States that still refuses to even admit the openly-acknowledged status of Israel as a nuclear power.

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source: The Boiling Frog