Qatar builds Sunni intervention force of Libyan, Iraqi terrorists against Assad


The Qatar oil emirate, encouraged by its successful participation in the campaign to overthrow Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, has established a Sunni Arab intervention force to expedite the drive for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ouster, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The new highly mobile force boosts the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army, whose numbers have jumped to 20,000 fighters, armed and funded by Qatar and now forming into military battalions and brigades at their bases in Turkey.

When they saw the Syrian massacre continuing unabated this month, the Qatari and Saudi rulers approved a crash program for the Qatari chief of staff Maj.-Gen Hamas Ali al-Attiya to weld this mobile intervention Sunni Muslim force out of al Qaeda linked-operatives for rapid deployment on the Turkish-Syrian border.

A force of 2,500 has been recruited up until now, our sources report. The hard core is made up of 1,000 members of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya-IFGL, which fought Qaddafi, and 1,000 operatives of the Ansar al-Sunna, the Iraqi Islamists which carried out 15 coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad last Thursday killing 72 people and injuring 200.

Qatar has just had them airlifted from Libya and Iraq to the southern Turkish town of Antakya (Antioch) in the border province of Hatay.

It is in this town of quarter-of-a- million inhabitants that the new Sunni force has located its command center and separate camps for the two main contingents to undergo intensive training for combat missions in the embattled Syrian towns and provinces of Idlib, Homs, Jabal al-Zawiya, scenes of the fiercest clashes between Syrian troops and rebels.

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(Source: DebkaFile)

Libya: Another roadside bomb kills 2 two mercenaries in Yefren

According to latest reports at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been slaughtered when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. The Libyan Defense Forces have separated in to small units and have started the guerrilla warfare throughout the nation. Previous reports indicated that teams of up to 30 are implementing sabotage missions.

Previously 8 NATO Mercenaries were killed similarly in the desert High Way which connects Sirte with Waddan.

Source: Ozyism

Nato Mercenary Commander in Tripoli Lays Down Arms and Goes Home

A top NATO Mercenary commander Mahdi al-Harati has laid down arms and has gone home to Ireland. Analysts believes this is due to inner fighting in Tripoli. Al-Harati was the deputy head of Tripoli Military Council which was formed by NATO, this is just the beginning of the end for Mercenaries, many fighters have laid down arms and refuse to fight anymore, but the die hard NATO loyalists are fighting amongst each other in Tripoli.

Source: Ozyism

The News Of Libya: October the 1st 2011 (12h50)

Two days ago, the Libyan forces have organized an action in Tripoli. Yesterday, reports from the field, said that Khamis Al-Qadhafi has given an ultimatum to the mercenaries and their masters before the “cleaning of Tripoli.” To show who was “the boss”, he destroyed the offices of NATO and the CIA. The headquarters of the Resistance reported that documents were seized and taken to safety. These documents outline the proof of the direct participation of the United States of America in the crimes against Libya. Continue reading

The News Of Libya: September 30 2011 (17H30)

The Libyan people rises in Benghazi against mercenaries from NATO

Many reports indicate that the Benghazi do not want to support the armed thugs and mercenaries roaming the streets, harassing and terrorizing ordinary citizens. The news reports show that green flags were hoisted in many parts of the city, although many people have disappeared for doing so.

People are sick and tired of mercenaries from NATO and released prisoners, they seem not to be afraid, they no longer care whether they will be removed Continue reading

The news of Libya (Thursday, 29 September 2011)

Libyan Defense Forces Assault, Syrte

United States of Africa (LVO): According to new reports, the NATO mercenaries were forced to withdraw from the eastern part of Sirte. A blitz was organized and executed by the Libyan Defence Forces forcing NATO mercenaries to flee leaving behind many vehicles belonging to them, as well as numerous caches of weapons arrived on the front line from supply routes from the East. Continue reading



Le porte-parole officiel du Colonel Khadafi, Moussa Ibrahim a annoncé dimanche 19 septembre en soirée sur les ondes de la chaîne TV ARRAÏ basée en Syrie la capture de 17 conseillers techniques et d’officiers consultants dans le bastion loyaliste de Bani Walid. Le groupe de mercenaires est composé de 13 français, 2 anglais, 1 qatari et un élément d’origine asiatique dont la nationalité reste à déterminer. Il a indiqué que les images de ces prisonniers seraient incessamment sous peu diffusées sur la chaîne TV. L’OTAN n’a ni confirmé ni démenti que ce groupe et d’autres troupes extérieures à la Libye avaient été elles aussi capturées auparavant par les forces fidèles à Muammar Khadafi. Ces informations ont été confirmées par plusieurs agence de presse dont l’AFP, l’Associated Press et Alterinfo.

Ces éléments viennent confirmer ce que nous dénonçons depuis plusieurs semaines, c’est à dire la présence en Libye de mercenaires monarchistes financés par la CIA et armés par l’OTAN via deux officines monarchistes: un groupe dénommé SYLM qui sert de réceptacle financier et la Conférence Monarchiste Internationale qui recrute et encadre ces mercenaire monarchistes.

D’ailleurs, dans son édition de ce matin (20 septembre), Al Jazeera confirmait que parmis ces mercenaires monarchistes faits prisonniers, un des deux britanniques au moins est membre de l’English Monarchist League, un groupe membre de la Conférence Monarchiste Internationale (CMI), tandis que 5 ou 6 français au moins semblent avoir reconnus leurs liens formels avec cette même Conférence Monarchiste Internationale. Toujours selon Al Jazeera, le mercenaire asiatique serait un observateur du National Development Party du Brunei, parti affilié lui aussi à la CMI.

(source: Abidjan direct )