Michel Aoun: Three Bullets Fired at My Convoy, Shame on Them to Deny

Free Patriotic Movement leader Lebanese MP Michel Aoun

Free Patriotic Movement leader Lebanese MP Michel Aoun confirmed the assassination attempt against him on Tuesday, condemning doubts that he may have been the victim of a murder.

He said after the Change and Reform bloc’s weekly meeting that “there is news circulated on banning us from moving across Maifooq while heading to Byblos,” adding that a former PM has said recently they (Aoun’s political rivals) “won’t allow Aoun’s convoy to pass as long as I’m alive.”

“This threat is unacceptable. We will step over each grain of the Lebanese soil,” he warned, calling upon the Army, Army Intelligence and Internal Security Forces in Lebanon to bear their responsibilities.

He revealed that this was the fourth attempt against his life, adding that “shame on them (other parties) to deny the assassination attempt before investigation happens.” Continue reading