Syria: What Happened in Treimseh, A Military Operation against Terrorists

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad al-Maqdisi, stressed what happened in Treimseh village in Hama province was not a massacre but a military operation and armed clashes between the army forces and rebels.

In a press conference held on Sunday, al-Maqdisi denied that the army forces used heavy weapons upon entering the village in response to the resident’s pleads.
Al-Maqdisi noted that “Treimseh is a small village of 1 km2,” dismissing tendentious media claims that the army used 150 tanks in such a narrow space as “belittling of people’s minds.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman affirmed that the clashes with the gunmen inside Treimseh lasted only a few hours, reiterating that only five buildings were exposed to fire and that the army forces did not use any aircrafts, helicopters, tanks or artillery. Continue reading