Uribe: the joke of South America

Former Colombian President: Alvaro Uribe

Uribe reveals planned military operation in Venezuela

According to the former Colombian president, a territorial violation similar to the one held in Ecuador was entertained…

by Jonathan Campos (source: Pravda )

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said he considered a militarily invasion of Venezuelan territory in pursuit of suspected guerrillas of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the ELN (National Liberation Army). Uribe ruled Colombia from 2000 to 2010.

The statement was given in a lecture at Unaula (Autonomous University Latin American) in Medellín, Colombia. “We have obtained new evidence of guerrilla camps in Venezuela. I had three options: make a complaint, be silent or start a military operation in Venezuela. “I lacked time,” he said to the bursts of laughter. Continue reading

Syria: What Happened in Treimseh, A Military Operation against Terrorists

Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad al-Maqdisi, stressed what happened in Treimseh village in Hama province was not a massacre but a military operation and armed clashes between the army forces and rebels.

In a press conference held on Sunday, al-Maqdisi denied that the army forces used heavy weapons upon entering the village in response to the resident’s pleads.
Al-Maqdisi noted that “Treimseh is a small village of 1 km2,” dismissing tendentious media claims that the army used 150 tanks in such a narrow space as “belittling of people’s minds.”

The Foreign Ministry spokesman affirmed that the clashes with the gunmen inside Treimseh lasted only a few hours, reiterating that only five buildings were exposed to fire and that the army forces did not use any aircrafts, helicopters, tanks or artillery. Continue reading