The BDS ( Boycott, Divest ,Sanction) movement of ‘Omar al Barghouthi’ is an NGO funded by the EU and Soros institutions among others , we have already given a list of the financers of this movement in a previous article and already said that al Barghouthi -who is calling for this boycott at the academic level – is himself enrolled as a student in a post graduate PHILOSOPHY PROGRAM at the Israeli university of Tel Aviv. For all practical reasons this movement seems to defend a good cause , but this is only in appearance because -while dealing with the Zionist state as an Apartheid State ,which is how they describe Israel- the BDS movement is considering it a legitimate state but with racist practices that should be exposed and boycotted and sanctioned the same way they were boycotted and sanctioned previously in South Africa . This is how –the illegitimate state of Israel is being promoted to an Apartheid State which is a status where the existence of Israel is no more questioned or threatened.  A status, according to which, Israel would have to solve few problems of segregation in order to acquire the desired legitimacy and then to enjoy both security and recognition .Regarding this, and if there is any normalization at all between Arabs and Israel, what BDS is doing is pure normalization . All this is financed by the world establishment, inspired by the South African model and carried on by 171 NGOs, all united under the label of BDS. Of course Israel is not about to condescend to any of the BDS demands, nor the BDS will achieve its goal since Israel is NOT South Africa and NOT an Apartheid state. Israel is Israel, and there is nothing like it, not even close to it, unless we want to go 500 years backwards to the times when the white settlers invaded the new continent and started bullying the Natives.

The purpose of all this mobilization and campaigns and huge financing is NOT of course to boycott the Israeli dates that will not need by itself so much effort and exertion . The purpose under this attractive label is to go around the achievements of the Armed Resistance against Israel and its numerous victories over the Israeli state, and to channel the Arab and Palestinian capacities away from the support due to this successful Resistance, towards promoting a mere boycott of exchange of goods and investments in a state threatened- in its own existence- by the victorious Resistance of Hizbullah and Hamas .

There is nothing the world order would not do in order to curb such Resistance, for this reason the Arab Spring was created and the assault on Syria launched ; the first in order to divert the Arab attention from the stunning achievements of the Resistance by involving them in internal differences and conflicts , and the second in order to undermine the great supporter of the Resistance that is Syria . The BDS movement falls within the same range and exploits the great need of Palestinians and Arabs and their friends to support the cause by investing this need in the service of Israel, far from where it should be oriented and directed