Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Document Of Honour Will Be Declared By The United Leaders Of All Tribes Soon

Seven Days News reporter contacted with Dr. Moussa Ibrahim
A document of honour will soon be in the hands of Libyan tribes, and the document is a statement about the position and the reign of the tribes that joined them, even the elders.
Tribes of Bani Walid, Sirte and the Touareg will be the first to sign this document, declaring firmly that those who do not enter the tribes for whatever reason there will be no future in Libya,no freedom and honour for them.
Dr. Moussa called all honest Libyans to circulate news about this document, soon each tribe will be called to its historic responsibility, the voice of Mighty Libya will be the resistance, even if it means years of fighting and targeting of western agents as individuals, groups, tribes, and anyone who is letting down or stopping the resistance against its will,is going to pay the price significantly.
He added:
Rafla agrees with the document, and Alqmazfah are with the document, the document is with the Tuareg, and other tribes which were related with us in secret and have promised they will announce their position explicitly very soon, it is going to be a surprise.
He concluded by saying:
Tribal elders Sabesmon imprinted blood on the paper, blood not ink, this will be the document in the custody of the Libyan history for the generations to read from it, to know that parents and grandparents did not betray Libya, to know that they chose to end the occupation.
The tribes which are overdue on this honour will be doomed
Source: Libya SOS

Libya – News from the resistance fighter “Alae” (October 24, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena Today (October 24th) on Syrian TV Al Rai, an intervention of the Libyan resistance fighter ‘Alae’ giving the news from the front as follows:

He confirmed that the Mujahid Seif el-Islam Gadhafi, and Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, are together and they are healthy and in a safe place.
He added that the Libyan army is still strong and there are 202 volunteers from the Egypt who arrived yesterday.

He said again that we will hear good news from the Libyan resistance in the next 2 days.

He also said that the convoy of the hero martyr, freedom fighter Muammar Gaddafi was surrounded by seven Apache helicopters ….

Source: Algeria ISP

Moussa Ibrahim confirmed Gaddafi’s death ? (Massive hacking operation, beware, news could be fake)

Be careful with the information you will find on Anti-Nato websites reporting about Libya. A massive hacking attack took place today, aiming at many websites. Therefore, be carefull with what you read on them until you have the certainty that the websites are back under the control of their owners.

Algeria ISP, that we cite quite often in regards to the Libyan topic, was hacked today. The website stayed unaccessible for about 3 hours. When it was back on, they posted a note explaining they suffered a hacking attack. A bit later, they came out with an article stating that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim confirmed Gaddafi’s death.

For the time being, we have no way to verify this information. We are just being careful and suspicious. Indeed, we know what Nato member states are capable of.

We, at CounterPsyOps, have suffered no hacking attack. Everything is working well. If anything should happen to our page, we would immediately report it, via the @CounterPsyOps account, and if hacked too, we would use other ways to spread the news.

Thanks for your loyalty and for your support

Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim about Bani Walid: “Do not believe their lies … “

 United States of Africa (LVO):  The news spread by the propaganda that the rebels entered Bani Walid is untrue, as usual.

After checking with the spokesman of the legitimate government of Libya, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, we can reconfirm that the NATO mercenaries who tried to approach the city suffered heavy losses life and were forced to flee the fire intensity.

The Dr.Ibramim said:

“Now, mercenaries from NATO, are only bombarding the city from afar. ” 

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim said  :

“Do not believe their lies, every morning they show pictures and say that Bani Walid was controlled, and when we call to check, the city’s response is that “we are in a festive ceremony because we have defeated them, and inflicted them heavy losses, and even celebrate with the families of some of them 

Moussa concluded:

“I just contacted Bani Walid and they have assured us of this new and Allah Akbar and Glory to God and victory to Allah”

To be continued …

By Hassan Alliby

Source: Angeeverse

The News of Libya October the 13th / Message from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim


International (LVO):  On October 14 in Libya is expected at the national level, a walk under the green banner across the country. The country does not want “democracy” as seen by Westerners. In this regard, the Spokesman, Special Representative of the Libyan government official, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, said Oct. 12 that

“The Libyan people bearer of liberty has nerves of steel, high morale, because the wind blows is hope, however, people have already experienced the first shock and return.”

Moussa said:

“We want our young people are studying the experience of the Vietnamese revolution, resistance to the Americans, and how they have won …. We ask our young to know the character of  General Nguyen Giap  and failures as well as against the defense of Sirte. We believe that many names will be glorified in the resistance and the personalities of the people recognized.

We promised change during the week and now the rise of preparations for October 14 provided for the whole of Libya from north to south and from east to west, confirms that the time of release is near and that the Libyan people and the world will know two things Friday: 

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Interview with Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, October 1

Full English translation of the interview with Libya’s spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim broadcast on Syria-based ArRai TV on October 1

Broadcaster: “With us on the on the line is Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the official spokesman for the Libyan Government. Doctor, I want to begin by saying Thank God for your safety. The media channels of lies and deceit have said that you attempted to flee wearing women’s clothing, wearing a neqab (female headdress covering face). Do you think it is an attempt to slander and muddy the image of the resistance and jihadi fighters like yourself?”

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: “Greetings my dear brother, and greetings to all the viewers of this courageous channel. My dear brother, we have given our lives and our souls for the sake of this country and we partake in an honourable and duteous cause for a true Civilization project and I am not surprised that these rumours Continue reading

The News Of Libya: October 2nd (2h48) / Moussa Ibrahim Phone Interview

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim gave a telephone interview to news channel Arrai TV in which he states that “two children and their parents were killed by machine gun fire today while trying to flee Sirte . I was in Sirte on the front with 23 fighters.We were attacked by heavily armed rebels for more than one and a half, and we have had deaths. ”

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim announced the launch of the strategy “Nun Mim”

According to the website of the Libyan, the government spokesman, Dr Ibrahim Musa, confirmed that senior officers of the Libyan resistance began to implement the strategy “Nun Mim” or “NM” means N. as NATO (NATO) and M as MAJLIS INTIKALI (CNT).

The strategy is to transform the situation in Libya such as Afghanistan. In other words, cause problems and make the situation unstable in all regions in order to disrupt the plans of NATO and this will reduce their presence in Libya and finally push them to leave. That day, the CNT will only field which will allow the Libyan resistance to demolish it in a month.

This strategy is excellent for releasing the cities occupied by NATO and its traitors. Recent events have shown that the CNT is very low with their rebels who fail to make Bani Walid and Sirte in recent days. He said that the invasion of Tripoli was facilitated by NATO and for this reason that the CNT has asked NATO to stay in Libya. On the ground for several hours, the strategy began with spectacular operations in Tripoli, with the explosion of certain infrastructure of the CNT and NATO.

To listen to the interview please click here

Source: Angeeverse

Libya Strategy Changes Yield Results Amidst Disaster

by Dr. Christof Lehmann


Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

by Dr. Christof Lehmann

According to intelligence and facts on the ground a change in strategy of Libyan Defense Forces and increased tribal support yields positive results. The Green Flag is hoisted in parts of Bengazi, Cyrenaica, and other cities. After yesterdays extension of it´s campaign in Libya, NATO strikes continue with massive civilian losses. Spokesperson for the ousted Libyan Government Dr. Moussa Ibrahim spoke on telephone to Reuters, eliciting U.N. Disregard for it´s own Charter, crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. by Dr. Christof Lehmann

Yesterday the Green Flag was hoisted over parts of Bengazi, Tripoli, Cyrenaica, and other cities formerly under NATO and TNC control. Today nsnbc could confirm yesterdays reports that 20.000 Tuareq fighters have entered the war against the NATO occupation and the foreign controlled TNC. Both the additional manpower of 20.000 fighters, as well as a change of strategy, including urban guerrilla tactics have resulted in significant defeats of NATO Special Operations Units, TNC lead Soldiers under the command of Abdelhakim Belhadj, and the thousands of imported fighters from Afghanistan. After the capturing of 17 NATO Special Operations Troops, NATO and the TNC had to register 45 casualties, and 400 fighters were captured.


Abdelhakim Belhadj aka Hasidi

The change in strategy has the popular support of the frightened citizens inside the cities under TNC control. The general sentiment is, that the “revolution” is a scam, that people are frightened, but also tired of the abuse, plundering, rapes and pillages committed by foreign Al Qaeda fighters. No change of name from Libyan Islamic Fighting Group to Tripoli Military Counsel can change the fact, that Belhadj is Beljadj, and CIA Terrorists are CIA Terrorists. As it is normal in criminal environments aliases are widely used. Abdelhakim Belhadj is also known as Hasidi, former Guantanamo Inmate, who bragged about personally having murdered US Soldiers. A detailed analysis of the Who´s Who and working for Whom is on the way at nsnbc.

The facts on the ground are that NATO and the TNC control no more than 15 % of Libya, and no more than 5 % endorse the TNC and the NATO aggression. With this being the result of a months long military campaign, the military analysis is, that the US and NATO Unconventional Warfare Strategy has failed as bitterly in Libya as it has failed in Afghanistan. The results in both cases are small oasis under control and the surrounding majority of the country being bombed into submission. A strategy that reflects the desperation of the aggressor, and a desperation, which most commonly, as in Libya, leads to the most appalling war crimes.

Tonight the Spokesperson for the lawful Libyan Government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim informed Reuters, that the air strikes on Sirte on Wednesday and Thursday had resulted in 150 civilians being murdered. NATO denies targeting civilians, claiming, that the building in Sirte was used a military command node. What NATO is covering up is, that it is 95% of the Libyan population that is opposed to the occupation. Does NATO´s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen want to claim that 95% of Libyans are lawful combatants, and thus legal targets one might ask. Tonight at 03.00 GMT nsnbc could confirm reports that civilians were sprayed with machine-gun fire and rockets from Apache helicopters, after the town of Rishvana Zahra was liberated. Yesterday, the bombing of a school in Sabah, that housed 70 displaced familied was bombed by a NATO Fighter Bomber, resulting in massive civilian casualties, most of them unarmed women and children.


Dr. Moussa Ibrahim – Spokesperson of the legal Libyan Government

In his telephone call to Reuters, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim called upon the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League, and foreign journalists to come to the center of Sirte to witness the crimes committed there. He said: “We hold them directly responsible to expose the crimes against the entire city that are committed with the same vigor they (NATO) had when they claimed they were helping the cities of Misrata and Zawayah “

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim sharply criticized the United Nations for raising the” New Libyan Flag” at the United Nations on Tuesday. Dr. Moussa Ibrahim elicited the fact that a NATO backed gang of criminals can be recognized as a full member of the United Nations, while Palestine has struggled for it´s rights for 60 years.


Criminalize War – Dr. Tun Mahatim Muhammad

In the final analysis of NATO and Libya, the United Nations is the International NGO, that is used by NATO, to provide legitimacy to the subversion, the crimes against peace, the war crimes and the crimes against humanity, that are the antithesis of it´s own charter. In the eyes of the author, and I belief in the eyes of the vast majority of people, who have the ability to inform themselves, the United Nations has utterly lost any remainders of it´s credibility.The question is, what comes next ? How to establish a truly just, fair, equality based international community that could guaranty, that abuses such as in Libya as well as the NATO covert war in Syria will cease to exist as viable options for the custodians of empires, that can murder with impunity. The initiatives of former Malaysian P.M. Dr. Tun Mahatir Mohamad, for a worldwide movement to criminalize war could be a viable way to go, provided it would be backed by major players like Russia, China, Brasil, The Arab League, ASEAN.


Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Manual

Destruction Notice: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of document

US Army TC 18-01



(source: nsnbc)