Coup and counter-coup in Washington

General David Petraeus, former CIA director


By Webster Griffin Tarpley

Sometimes, generals purge politicians. In 1648, during the English Civil War, Colonel Pride and his troops removed those members of the Long Parliament who opposed military domination; the puppets who remained were called the Rump Parliament.

This year, a cabal of generals evidently believed it could secure the White House for Mitt Romney by staging the Benghazi incident and using it as the signal for a cold coup under cover of elections — probably including computer-generated election fraud — to bring down Obama. They guessed wrong.

Politicians sometimes purge generals. When the French Secret Army Organization (OAS) staged a putsch in Algiers in April 1961 to prevent the independence of Algeria, President de Gaulle had to round up and jail a number of generals and other officers. The Obama administration and its establishment controllers appear to be ousting a number of intelligence and military officials who took part in illegal operations to replace Obama with Romney. These sackings are being presented to the public under the guise of soap opera sexual infractions or expense account padding, in the hope of hiding some real mechanisms of power from the popular gaze. The outgoing US military cabal favors the extension of colonial wars, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as an attack on Iran. Good riddance.

General Petraeus: Neocon Who Sought War with Iran

The most spectacular example is the fall of General David Petraeus, the CIA director, and one of the leading US advocates of an early war with Iran. The heads of several other rogue figures are rolling. The result is one of those rare moments when parts of the rogue network or invisible government can be observed by those who have enough knowledge to understand what they are seeing. But the firings have only scratched the surface.

The Romney backers were made up of neocons, Bush holdovers, and members of the Mormon Mafia in the intelligence community — a relatively narrow base. The Obama supporters were the Brzezinski-Nye soft power group and military opposed to the Iran war. The neocons and reactionary Mormons wanted to restore aggressive war and wholesale bombing as the preferred option for US foreign policy. Although they love drones and assassinations, they want to keep significant US conventional forces in the Middle East.  Continue reading

Gaddafi placed $97 Billion to free Africa from imperialism

Source: Libya SOS
“I dream of a united Africa.” -Muammar Gaddafi
What the US-NATO-EU hopes to achieve is to eliminate the half-reliable partner Gaddafi and replace him with a neo-liberal oriented government that will do their bidding: sign in on AFRICOM, kick China out, reverse the government central bank to a BIS private enterprise, continue using dollars of course, and have the lackey leaders join in their permanent war age throughout the Middle East and Africa.
New neo-liberal socio-economic policies would eliminate what the Gaddafi government has provided the entire population through state subsidies funded with oil export sales: the highest standard of living in Africa with free,universal health and education care, and the possibility of studying abroad at state expense$50,000 for each new married couple to get started with; non-interest state loanssubsidized prices of cars much lower than in Europe; the cheapest gasoline and bread prices in the world (similar to Venezuela); no taxes for those working in agriculture.
The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of $500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems. Continue reading

“My life with Gaddafi family” – Interview with Gaddafi’s personal cook

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According to new image, Gaddafi is still alive

A new image of Qaddafi has been circulating among Libyans through cell phone and social media networks, the image shows Qaddafi with a large beard and still alive. Muammar Qaddafi was apparently martyred when US bombed his convoy and paid Mercenaries from Libyan decent sent to finish the job.

As fighting continues around Libya and protests gain momentum, the US agents are being targeted. Khalifa Haftar’s two sons have been injured within few days and he himself survived an assassination attempt.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil tried to resign after surviving an assassination attempt but the occupying regime did not accept his resignation, all traitors and US agents are trying to leave before Libya explodes, meanwhile NATO member states call the destruction and bloodshed in Libya one of their biggest success stories.

Source: Ozyism

Who was Muammar Gaddafi? Libya’s wealth redistribution project

Introduction by Cynthia McKinney (October 25th)

Fourth of Four Installments on Libya: Who is Stealing the Wealth?

Once again, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya peels away the veneer of legitimacy and deception enveloping the U.S./NATO genocide currently taking place in Libya. In his first article, Nazemroaya makes it clear that there never was any evidence given to the United Nations or the International Criminal Court to warrant or justify United Nations Resolutions 1970 and 1973 or current U.S./NATO operations inside Libya.

In his second article detailing this very sad story, Nazemroaya exposes the relationships between the major Libyan protagonists/NATO collaborators and the U.S. Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy. Incredibly, when leading Members of Congress publicly proclaimed repeatedly that they did not know who the Libyan “rebel” NATO collaborators were, select so-called rebel leaders were political intimates with stakeholders at the National Endowment for Democracy.  Nazemroaya also exposes that, despite its Global War on Terror, the U.S. government actually financed Libyan terrorists and criminals wanted by INTERPOL.

In his third installment, Nazemroaya removes the U.S./NATO fig leaf that attempts to cover the cynical machinations of the pro-Israel Lobby Continue reading

Killing Gaddafi – Longstanding US Policy

By Stephen Lendman

Absent reliable independent proof, some sources believe a double was killed, not Gaddafi.

More on that below.

Nonetheless, clear evidence shows Washington wanted him dead for years.

On October 27, Algeria ISP headlined, “Libya – On what Sarkozy and Obama killed Gaddafi?” saying:

“It’s confirmed, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy have indeed ordered (Gaddafi’s) assassination….”

“According to Le Canard Enchaine (on October 26), the Americans had located (him) on October 19.”

Claude Angeli’s article “is unambiguous.” Titled “Gaddafi condemned to death by Washington and Paris,” it said both leaders ordered his extrajudicial killing because he knew too much. Preventing a public show trial was key.

US and French Special Forces were involved. Numerous bombing attempts failed. War still rages across Libya. The country “has entered a no man’s land policy, an area of (unpredictable) turbulence….This should worry” Western and regional leaders because eight months of fighting resolved nothing.

Toppling foreign leaders by coups or assassinations is longstanding US policy. William Blum’s done some of the best research on it. His books, including “Rogue State,” are must reading.

He documented dozens of successful and failed US interventions post-WW II, including:

toppling Iran’s Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, its first successful coup after an initial failure;

ousting Guatemala’s Jacobo Arbenz in 1954;

failing to kill China’s Chou En-Lai in 1955;

failing numerous times to kill Fidel Castro;

failing to kill France’s Charles de Gaulle; and

plotting Gaddafi’s assassination for decades.

Continue reading

Khamis Gaddafi: Colonel is ALIVE

{Editor’s note: CounterPsyOps couldn’t verify this information}

According to Libyan media, Khamis has sent them a video material where he said: “Colonel Gaddafis is alive and well and he’s in Libya where he continued his fight against occupiers and traitors of their people. ”

Video material is not available on the internet, it’s been kept secret due to safety of Gaddafi and his family!

“He sent this video material in several copies, and we will show this video when the time comes!” said Al Libya TV officials!

Meanwhile in Libya, Rebels in the newly liberated Libya have arrested around 70 doctors and nurses in Zawiya, who they believe had ties or allegiances with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime!

In Tripoli, in the same long-suffering region of Abu Salim, again thundering explosions heard fierce gunfire and bloodshed. Resistance fighters continue to recruit and valiantly resist the horde of bandits.
About a dozen ambulances arrived on the battlefield,
and a few dozen rebels were destroyed by the patriots of Libya.

Source: Newjestic

CounterPsyOps team important information to our readers

Good day everyone,

First of all, thank you for your support and for trusting the information we gather and provide to you. Along with the articles that we, sometimes, write and post here. Be sure that we would like to write articles more often but we do not have enough time.

Regarding our beloved leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death, we do not confirm that he is dead, nor that he is alive. As you all know, we do not trust corporate medias, and we continuously expose their lies and fake stories. Therefore, we will wait for final confirmation, from an absolute reliable source before believing and posting anything on this great Revolutionary.

We have some sources that sent us informations about this topic, but since they informed us that they can not verify their informations 100%, we won’t disclose them.

On the other hand, we re-post articles of interest from other blogs/websites, and it sometimes happens that these articles talk about the death of Gaddafi as a sure thing. This doesn’t mean that we share their thoughts. They have their sources and we have ours. We can not rely on theirs as they can not rely on ours. But we post those articles mainly because they contain important information about Libya.

Furthermore, be advised that we are very picky on the articles we decide to re-post. Many reports came out lately explaining the circumstances of Gaddafi’s death, but we decided not to report them because we didn’t trust their sources enough.

Our aim is not to reach a record of visits per day by posting anything we can find. Our aim is to provide clear and trustful information to our readers.

I hope we made ourselves clear and that you understand that there is no contradiction in what we post.

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