NATO brings democracy to Libya – Thanks a lot

This message is to all GOD fearing Libyans who are currently resisting NATO war of aggression:

Please don’t be upset when you watch this video.
Please don’t be furious when you watch this video. Allah is the judge and in the end we will all be judged, the aggressors will be punished and the righteous will be rewarded.

Please watch the video and know that you’re fighting against aggression, know that you are fighting against imperialism, know that you are fighting against colonialism.

Please watch the video and know that you’re fighting terrorism. Know that NATO is the most powerful terrorist force in this world, and if Allah was not on your side you would not have managed to resist for one day, and yet after 7 months, the resistance continues.

Please know that the world is watching and supporting you, millions are protesting in NATO member states, to stop the terrorism which is inflicted upon your people on behalf of their people.

So once again, please don’t be upset. Please don’t be furious. Be patient, surely Allah is with those who stay patient.


Libya – War Without End


By Stephen Lendman

Libya will long be remembered as one of history’s great crimes. For over eight months, NATO’s killing machine ravaged the country, killing tens of thousands.

Years of protracted conflict lie ahead. Libyans will keep struggling until they’re free from NATO’s scourge.

UN Resolution 1973 authorized a no-fly zone. In fact, it lawlessly declared war. A prosperous, peaceful, nonbelligerent country and its way of life was destroyed.

Civilians and non-military sites were deliberately targeted. Cold-blooded murder and mass destruction were planned.

Sirte, a city once home to 100,000, symbolizes NATO’s depravity. Terror bombing destroyed it. Thousands were massacred.

Under international law, it’s a war crime.

Under the 1907 Hague Regulations, Fourth Geneva, Geneva’s Common Article III, and various other international laws, civilians are protected persons. So is civilian property. Attacking them is prohibited. War crimes are clearly defined. The principles of distinction and proportionality also apply:

distinction between combatants and military targets v. civilians and non-military ones; attacking latter ones are war Continue reading

Libya – News from Mujahid Saif El Islam (October 28, 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Zengtena the mujahideen Saif al-Islam met with Libyan army officers to reorganize the resistance to hunt NATO and the traitors who have sold their country and destroy Libya.

Source: Algeria ISP

NATO Countries Set to Steal $30,000 from Each Libyan Citizen

by Scott Creighton

The pro-Western corporatist media outlets are hurriedly trying to help spin every aspect of the murder of Moammar Gadhafi and the ongoing rape and pillage of the Libyan people’s assets.

Yesterday Paul Richter of the LA Times wrote an article claiming that Moammar Gadhafi was the richest man in the world, holding some $200 billion dollars in assets hidden all over the globe. Buried deep within the body of his article, the truth finally comes out…

“But subsequent investigations by American, European and Libyan authorities determined that Kadafi secretly sent tens of billions more abroad over the years and made sometimes lucrative investments in nearly every major country, including much of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, officials said Friday.

Most of the money was under the name of government institutions such as the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority, the Libyan Foreign Bank, the Libyan National Oil Corp. and the Libya African Investment Portfolio. But investigators said Kadafi and his family members could access any of the money if they chose to.

The new $200 billion figure is about double the prewar annual economic output of Libya, which has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa.” Paul Richter

All of the money was invested in Libyan enterprises presumably for the Libyan people but because “investigators” claim Gadhafi could have accessed it, the globalist spin on this wealth owned by the Libyan people, is that it was Gadhafi’s and not theirs. The difference is that if this money belongs to the people of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, then it must be returned to them and cannot be touched. If it were to belong to Gadhafi then it simply becomes spoils of war and can be seized by whomever claims it.

The $200 billion dollar figure represents Continue reading

That’s one of the reasons Nato destroyed Sirte

Look at this video. This was Sirte on July the 21st. A city full of life, families in the streets cheering at their beloved leader. Now, October the 24th, Sirte is a ghost town. Its citizens were bombed continuously for more than 3 weeks by the White Empire bombs. All the civilian infrastructures were destroyed.

That’s how they spread democracy… with death and destruction.

Remember that the one using its strength to impose his/her will, is the weak one. If your intentions are about Justice, Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Love, then you will never need to impose them. People will adopt them. That is why Libyans adopted Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya ! And that is why they’ve been defending it for 8 months, relentlessly. Despite the bombs, despite the destruction, despite the mass killings, despite the traitors. And they will keep doing it ! Even if the DEVIL HIMSELF was coming. They would keep defending their GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. 

Nato conducts 70 sorties as mercernaries claim occupation completed

NATO Mercenaries held celebrations for occupation of Libya celebration where only hundred people attended and reported through out NATO media outlets, what they didn’t report was the 70 air sorties NATO conducted in Libya, including 12 cruise missile attacks in Sirte and Bani Walid. This is evident that the resistance continues, while NATO media outlets keep the focus on the fake celebrations, NATO genocide continues.

Source: Ozyism

NATO Crimes – Anthrax in Libya?


Some days ago there was an ‘announcement’ from unknowned source claiming to be a military adviser, circulating briefly on one of the pages supporting the resistance against NATO rebels. It was calling the people of Misrata and Sirte to leave their cities (leave where?)  because NATO has provoked the Jamahiriya fighters to use their ‘most powerful weapon’ in those cities…

It is also said that there was going to be a surprise waiting for them on 25. October, if I remember correctly. This announcement immediately struck me as odd, because it circulated only a day after Mussa Ibrahim made his statement, warning people NOT to reveal the actions and the movements of the Green Resistance until their work is done, so as not to put them and the civilians in danger.

If he wanted to add something more to that statement, he had an opportunity, but there was no mention of such a plan. Libyan army HAS NO SUCH Continue reading