Libya – NATO helicopters still flying over Tripoli (November 9, 2011)

According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya, NATO helicopters flew over the Libyan coast of Tripoli. Officially, NATO is gone!

After the recent operations by fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya, the CNT is still calling for NATO’s help…

Source: Algeria ISP

Washington Wants Its Imperial Model Duplicated In Libya


Washington ran NATO’s imperial war against Libya to colonize, occupy and plunder another vassal state. Democracy and humanitarian considerations are non-starters. Only wealth and power matters. Libyans will be ruthlessly exploited. Decades of vital social gains are lost. NATO turned Libya into a charnel house. Tens of thousands of corpses bear testimony.


Major media scoundrels lied about war objectives from inception. Now they cheerlead ravaged Libya’s success. Correspondents there see one thing and report another. They make pimps, prostitutes and dope peddlers look respectable in comparison. Peaceful nonbelligerent Libya was ravaged, raped, and devastated. Many thousands became homeless refugees. Impoverishment and misery afflicts them. Kosovars, Iraqis, Afghans, and others know it’s coming wherever NATO shows up. Only sustained liberating struggles can change things. Libyans are committed for the long haul to achieve it.


On October 30, Mathaba headlined, “Libyan Freedom Fighters vow to fight on against NATO and its rebels,” saying: Continue reading

Biggest success? NATO proud of Libya op which killed thousands

With Gaddafi dead and its “military job now done,” NATO has declared its campaign in Libya one of the “most successful in NATO history.” However, untold casualties and a country devastated by war call into question the alliance’s notion of success.

Coming through on last week’s promise to end military operations in Libya, on Friday NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen declared the military operation in Libya would be wrapped up on October 31, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

His announcement came a day after the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to lift the no-fly zone over Libya.

Speaking from Brussels, Rasmussen said that following the death of Gaddafi, military operations were able to wind down quickly, noting triumphantly that “Operation Unified Protector is one of the most successful in NATO history,” as cited by AP.

US President Barack Obama was equally full of praise for the operation.  Speaking on the popular late night talk show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Obama told the host operations in Libya “only cost us a billion dollars” and no US troops were killed or injured.

The price of success

Speaking on March 31, Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, reported that “the so-called humanitarian air raids have taken the lives of dozens of civilians in various areas of Tripoli.”  The senior cleric went on to say “in the district of Buslim, a building collapsed because of the bombing, killing 40 people,” as cited Continue reading

Libya: President Lukashenko says Nato “Worse than the Nazis at the time”


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes the NATO operation in Libya, an act of vandalism of the XXI century.
“How can we regard? Extremely negative. How can we regard the actions of NATO forces in Libya? As a violation of the mandate of the UN Security Council – the Belarusian leader said. – I am not exaggerating this brainless and stupid Security Council. I do not exaggerate the role of the United Nations – she was in some kind of screen has become. See: Iraq, Afghanistan, the entire Arabian arch. Where is the UN, why did not prevent all this? ”
Moreover, according to Alexander Lukashenko, the UN Security Council immediately and even played along the aggressors. “It seems to be written one, was a mandate, and the NATO forces went on a violation of this mandate,”
As the President said, that NATO has violated the UN mandate, now many say, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “He openly says that it is not anticipated, and NATO has violated this mandate. I absolutely agree with him,” – said the president.
“Committing aggression, killed the country’s leadership not only Muammar Gaddafi – said Alexander Lukashenko. – Moreover, as killed? Well shot would have perished in battle people. So it’s with the secret service (do not expect it, the head of state , the boys were detained. How is it protected, you know), the capture of the head of the NATO countries have implemented special units. he was abused, humiliated, shot, wounded raped, twisted and wrung her hands, and then tortured. Worse than the Nazis at the time. ”
“God forbid that this policy and these actions have prevailed on our planet. The trouble is all,” – said the Belarusian leader.
Alexander Lukashenko gave an example of events in Tunisia and Egypt, where, he said, greatly enhances the radical Islamists. “In Libya, will be even worse. Because there are huge reserves of natural resources. There is all the rush, – the President. – I’m not talking about those who now up to $ 150 billion of Libyan money: United States, Italy, France, Germany . These are the countries that are very interested to grab this wealth. Whether more will be”
At the same time Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that in Libya and other Arab countries of the arc, where the revolution took place, came to power not desirable for people of the West. “And here they are unable to manage. For that fight, and has run out. It is an act of vandalism of the XXI century, this should not be,” – said the President.
“But it shows the face of our so-called teachers of democracy. You need the kind of democracy?” – Asked rhetorically, Alexander Lukashenko.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko answered questions of journalists after the command and staff exercises