SYRIA: The West Undermines UN Monitors. Paves the Way for NATO Intervention

Western propagandists unanimously defer to “activists” despite hundreds of UN monitors on the ground in Syria.

By Tony Cartalucci, for

Reports this week of the Syrian military “slaughtering civilians” near Homs have been reported relentlessly by Western media outlets, citing solely “activists” who have been consistently exposed as manipulating and purposefully distorting the reality on the ground in Syria. After episodes including “Gay Girl in Damascus,” who turned out to be in fact a “middle-aged American man in Scotland,” and “Syrian Danny” who was caught directing fake gunfire before a staged “casualty report” given to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the word of “activists” in Syria, openly sympathetic to the Free Syrian Army, is clearly less than credible.

Image: Brookings Institution’s Salman Shaikh, a chief proponent of the engineered violence plotted by Brookings and others since as early as 2007, makes veiled threats against the safety of UN monitors in Syria. Corporate-financier elite, through their think-tanks have made a concerted effort to undermine the UN mission now that the rebels have been successfully rearmed, reorganized, and redeployed. The next step, as stated by Shaikh’s peers over at the Henry Jackson Society, after feigning attempts to diplomatically resolve the conflict, is to begin NATO military intervention.

Then there are aggregators like the London-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” who cites anonymous phone-calls and regularly consorts directly with the British Foreign Ministry, and convicted criminal George Soros’ Open Society-funded Amnesty International (annual report page 8), Human Rights Watch, and Doctors Without Borders (page 39) (advised by a myriad of lawyers, PR firms, and even a representative of Goldman Sachs), who have already undermined their legitimacy in Libya after peddling verified-lies provided by the Libyan rebels while downplaying verified atrocities committed by NATO-backed militants that continue to this very day.

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