The News of Libya October the 13th / Message from Dr. Moussa Ibrahim


International (LVO):  On October 14 in Libya is expected at the national level, a walk under the green banner across the country. The country does not want “democracy” as seen by Westerners. In this regard, the Spokesman, Special Representative of the Libyan government official, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, said Oct. 12 that

“The Libyan people bearer of liberty has nerves of steel, high morale, because the wind blows is hope, however, people have already experienced the first shock and return.”

Moussa said:

“We want our young people are studying the experience of the Vietnamese revolution, resistance to the Americans, and how they have won …. We ask our young to know the character of  General Nguyen Giap  and failures as well as against the defense of Sirte. We believe that many names will be glorified in the resistance and the personalities of the people recognized.

We promised change during the week and now the rise of preparations for October 14 provided for the whole of Libya from north to south and from east to west, confirms that the time of release is near and that the Libyan people and the world will know two things Friday: 

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