Libyans and Pakistani and a linked to Al-Qaeda … In Syria

Ajel- Exclusive

Source: Breaking News

Syrian Arab Army units have eliminated large number of terrorists, raiding on their dens located in Armanaz Mountains in Edlib countryside.

In an exclusive statement to Breaking News, a military source confirmed the elimination of 82 terrorists, where around 100 gunmen get injured. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that terrorists include a member linked to Al-Qaeda organization, Ali Satouf, in addition to terrorists coming from Libya and Pakistan.

The military source indicated that two members of Syrian Army have been martyred by militants gunfire during the operation of which resulted in several injuries of Syrian Army.

In Edlib, Breaking News correspondent said insurgents have detonated two explosive devices targeting law enforcement forces on Edlib –Harem Road located near the department of Water Resources.; followed by firing RPG shells and armed conflicts of which resulted in injuries among Syrian security forces ranks.