Fed Armed Thugs In Chicago 3 Weeks Before NATO Summit

Police vs Protester: Feds sending armed agents to Chicago three weeks before NATO Summit

AFP/Lee Celano


May’s NATO summit in Chicago is still weeks away, but residents of the Windy City can expect to see armed federal agents patrolling the streets in preparation much sooner than that.

Three weeks before international heads of state will converge in Chicago, Illinois for the annual NATO conference, the US Federal Protective Service will send armed officers into the city’s downtown district to prepare for the swarm of protesters expected to arrive in time for the event, slated for May 20 and 21.

Both the NATO and G-8 summits were initially scheduled to occur back-to-back in the major Midwest city, but the meeting between the world’s eight leading economies has since been relocated to Camp David, the fortified presidential retreat in Maryland used as a getaway destination for many of America’s past commanders-in-chief.

As of now, however, the NATO summit will take place in Chicago and, citing concerns over how demonstrators may respond, law enforcement is being called in early to size up the city.

Beginning May 1, the Federal Protective Service agents will be in Chicago for “Operation Red Zone.” Although the officers will not necessarily be restricting residents from accessing any public spaces that they are normally permitted to enter, the agents will be patrolling — in complete battle gear.

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City of Chicago and the Secret Service Tell Milwaukee Red Cross to Prepare To Evacuate Chicago During NATO Summit

By Alex Thomas, The Intel Hub

An email leaked to CBS2 News details a possible plan by the city of Chicago and the Secret Service to evacuate residents of Chicago during the upcoming NATO Summit.

The email, sent to Milwaukee Red Cross volunteers, noted that the NATO Summit could create unrest or another national security incident.

The Red Cross chapter spokesman went on to claim that the City of Chicago and the Secret Service were the ones that issued the directive.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of a Red Cross e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area.

It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

According to a chapter spokesperson, the evacuation plan is not theirs alone.

“Our direction has come from the City of Chicago and the Secret Service,” she said.

The report went on to quote various leaders who moved to significantly downplay these revelations when the reality is that various police agencies are planning for full scale riots and a mini martial law type scenario.

An article by Steve Watson on the the leaked email pointed towards various other contingency plans that have taken place in the lead up to this years NATO Summit.

Two weeks ago residents were startled by urban warfare drills conducted in downtown Chicago on the authority of the OMEC. Huge black hawk helicopters were seen flying low and in between buildings for hours. It now appears that these exercises may be linked to the secret preparations.

In addition, earlier this week a number of Chicago area residents revealed that they have been asked to leave their homes in preparation for major rioting.

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Chicagoans Warned to Evacuate Before Globalist Instigated Riot During NATO Summit

By Kurt Nimmo, Infowars.com

Residents of a Chicago condo received a letter from management last week informing them that they should move out of their homes during the upcoming NATO confab to be held in the Windy City next month. If the residents decide to remain, they will be subjected to a lockdown.

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building,” the letter states, “all access doors will be locked including the garage door. For everyone’s safety we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

Aaron Klein, writing for WorldNetDaily on Saturday, said radicals with ties to Obama plan to riot during the NATO summit.

In August of 2011, Klein said the founders of a “radical group that teaches tactics of direct action, confrontation and intimidation” were among a “slew of extremist organizations, some tied to President Obama, preparing protests to coincide with major NATO and G-8 summits in Chicago.”

Klein quoted Joe Losbaker of the United National Antiwar Committee, one of the groups planning protests, who warned, “The wars and economic policies of the NATO and G8 nations are not just and will be met by protest.”

Losbaker and his wife, Stephanie Weiner, worked as leaders of the Chicago New Party. It was formed by the Democratic Socialists of America, ACORN and the labor union SEIU. The Communist Party USA breakaway group Committees of Correspondence and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) were also involved in forming the New Party.

According to WND, Obama was a member of the now defunct New Party and his name was included in the party’s newsletter.

The IPS is a Marxist organization formed in the early 1960s. It has received funding from the banker James Warburg, the son of the infamous banker Paul Warbrug. The elder Warburg was instrumental in creating the Federal Reserve and was chosen by President Woodrow Wilson to serve as one of its first members.

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Libya: New Attack on Sirte at Closing of NATO Summit

The News Blackout veiling the NATO Summit in Secrecy is tangible. All that permeates the barrier of silence is, that NATO is committed to continue it´s “successful campaigns” and development into a Global Force of Imperialism and Subversion, the war on Libya included. In “sign language” it speaks more clearly. During a satellite phone call from Sirte to nsnbc this morning we learned about a massive movement of NATO lead TNC mercenaries towards the besieged Sirte. The humanitarian catastrophe is bound to get worse and a new massacre on civilians is expected.                   By. Dr. Christof Lehmann

A search in virtually all of NATO member states “free media” today there are to be found critical reports about the situation in Libya, and the few there are say nothing. No word about the chaotic situation in NATO´s Libyan partner the TNC; no reports that reflect on the humanitarian catastrophe in Sirte in any recognizable manner. In terms of civil defense the word “catastrophe” is not used lightly. It describes a situation where even the reserves in civil defense structures, including civil defense medical services, sanitary services, drinking water supply, and the most basic functions that guaranty the survival of a population are overwhelmed. That is Sirte today.  The city that is bracing for yet another onslaught by land, air and sea. Continue reading