Dr Moussa Ibrahim’s first public address since Nato’s War on Libya in 2011

On Mon 12 Jan 2015 in Committee Room 15 in the Houses of Parliament Dr Moussa Ibrahim addresses the event ‘Libya: Nato’s Untold Story’ organised by the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform. This is the first time Dr Ibrahim has addressed the public and media in english since his advocacy for justice for Libya as Libyan Jamahiryan government spokesperson through the Nato war of aggression against Libya in 2011.


New reports indicate that NATO militias fled Northern Bani Walid after their positions came under attack. It is yet not clear whether any NATO militiamen were killed or wounded. (Reuters)

Heavy fighting have been reported outside Sirte, as NATO militias try to storm the town, also special ops have been dropped inside the town to attack from within. The same tactic was used in Bani Walid, but failed as NATO militias gained heavy casualties and retreated leaving the Special Ops stranded inside (their fate is yet unknown).

NATO militias have received heavy casualties around Sirte, sources inside Sirte estimates that more than hundred NATO militiamen have been killed, but NATO militias claim that only 11 have been killed.

NATO militias are known to lie about their casualties and other events on the ground.

Fighting rages on as Zero Hour gets closer, and slowly intensified. NATO is not expected to continue the terror operations at ZERO HOUR due to the war’s negative image, and due to NATO economic failures.

(source: Ozyism)