NY Times editor fired: Criticized Obama for being most secretive president

CAVEAT:  Obama Administration Cannot Take Criticism Of Any Kind; Critics Will Not Be Tolerated

By Mikael Thalen | Storyleak

The following screenshot from The Huffington Post[1] captures what may very well be the cause of the unexpected dismissal of Jill Abramson, the Executive Editor of the New York Times since 2011.


          SOURCE: The Huffington Post

While we are no friend of “The Gray Lady”, also known as the New York Times, that one of her own would lash out at President Obama, personally, was quite courageous. We knew at the time that there would be consequences … severe consequences for the ‘transgression’ of speaking the unvarnished truth. Speaking truth to power in this manner almost always produces harsh reactions, often when you least expect them.


NY Times Scrubs Mention Of CIA Arming Syrian Rebels

Establishment media careful to hide direct aid to terrorist-aligned FSA

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In an article about France urging Syrian rebels to form a provisional government, the New York Times scrubbed a passage which revealed that the CIA was helping funnel arms to rebel groups that have aligned themselves with Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Version three of the story, posted at 19:45:05 UTC yesterday and entitled France Says It Would Recognize Provisional Syrian Government, included the line, ” American intelligence agents have helped funnel arms to rebel groups.”

However, fifteen minutes later the revelation that the CIA was arming the rebels was removed and replaced Continue reading

(LEFTIST-LIBERAL) NEW YORK TIMES Promotes War on Syria and Iran

By Stephen Lendman The Intel Hub

As America’s leading broadsheet, what it reports matters, especially on war and peace.

Instead of accuracy, full disclosure, and supporting right over wrong, The Times consistently cheerleads US wars and prospective ones.

Enemies are vilified. Rule of law principles don’t matter, nor do decades of crimes of war and against humanity, as well as millions of lost lives in the last decade alone.

In June 1950, The Times called Truman’s war on North Korea the right decision, even though Pyongyang responded defensively to repeated South Korean cross-border incursions.

IF Stone’s “Hidden History of the Korean War” explained what scoundrel journalism suppressed, including NYT feature stories.

Stone called it international aggression. So did Monthly Review co-founders Leo Huberman and Paul Sweezy, saying:

“….we have come to the conclusion that (South Korean president) Syngman Rhee deliberately provoked the North Koreans in the hope that they would retaliate by crossing the parallel in force. The northerners fell neatly into the trap.”

Truman instigated what happened and took full advantage.

Stone explained, saying:

“we said we were going to Korea to go back to the status quo before the war but when the American armies reached the 38th parallel they didn’t stop, they kept going, so there must be something else. We must have another agenda here and what might that agenda be?”

He learned it reflected America’s imperial ambitions. Vietnam followed. He opposed both wars. So did others. The Times supported them and others, including:

Reagan in Central America and elsewhere;
GHW Bush in Panama, Haiti and Iraq;
-Clinton on Rwanda, Iraq sanctions, the Balkan wars, and especially for attacking Serbia/Kosovo lawlessly in 1999;
GW Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan;
Obama’s multiple wars and proxy ones; as well as
every president since Johnson on Israel/Palestine.

When America goes to war or intends one, scoundrel NYT journalism’s front and center supportively. It’s their longstanding tradition. Nothing changed to this day. Syria and Iran are now targeted. Neither threatens America, Israel, or other regional countries.

International law is clear. No nation may interfere in the internal affairs of others. Nor is force permitted against nonbelligerent states. Justifiable self-defense alone is allowed.

Israel’s had no enemies since 1973. America’s had none since WW II. Yet it’s waged aggressive wars for decades with full major media support, including The Times.

In late January, The New York Times Magazine published a scandalous piece of warmongering journalism. Written by Yedioth Ahronoth contributor Ronen Bergman, it supportively argued for war on Iran.

Have all measures to contain Iran’s “nuclear threat been exhausted, bringing Israel to the point of last resort,” he asked? He concluded saying, “I have come to believe that Israel will indeed strike Iran in 2012.”

He ignored facts to incite fear. Israel benefits by “keeping the pot near the boiling point” to portray aggressive war as justified. His commentary was sensationalist, inflammatory, flawed, and sinister to enlist public support for likely catastrophic war if it’s launched.

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Is Al Jazeera a Distant Cousin of the New York Times?!

Faux Syria Coverage by Western Media’s Illegitimate Child

By The Boiling Frog

Yesterday we broke the developing story of US-NATO troop deployment on the Jordanian-Syrian Border. I’ve been monitoring the media for any relevant coverage. So far I have found ‘none.’ Then, today I found a very twisted, one-sided, and completely West-Driven video report on some developments along the Syrian-Jordanian border. The report comes from the long-bought and independent-imposter news agency Al-Jazeera, you know the one who heavily beat the war drums during the Libya development? Okay, please watch the following Faux Video Report by the Al-Jazeera Drummer Boys and Girls, and let me know all the things you find wrong, missing, and ‘influenced’ within it:

Allow me to go first: no comments asked or requested from the Syrian government. No mentioning of the recent developments in Jordan … I think these pretenders have some gene-pool connection to the US media. Maybe a distant cousin? An illegitimate child? Now your turn…