‘Obama declared War on journalists’ – Michael HASTINGS (1980-2013)

Michael HASTINGS (1980 – 2013)

Hours Before His Death (in a suspicious car accident) Michael Hastings Contacted Wikileaks Attorney Said FBI Was Investigating Him


Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey


The first parts of Patriot air defence missile systems have been delivered to Turkey, The Turkish Weekly reports. According to the newspaper, the mounting of the systems on the Syrian border is planned for the beginning of 2013.

Servicemen from Germany and the Netherlands arrived in Turkey at the same time with Patriot components. They will be accommodated at a Turkish military base.

In November Turkey requested NATO to provide it with Patriot missiles, allegedly to defend its air space against any Syrian attack. The NATO Council complied with Turkey’s request at the beginning of December. Continue reading

Central Damascus Resident Phone Conversation

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Mr Aleppo Syria Update

Mr Aleppo Syria Update 27 April One bombing 9 Killed

Video of Aleppo and Prices Go Sky High

Sanctions and electricity cuts (Currently every day from 10am till noon), inflation and devaluation.

Fortunately Mr Aleppo provides some video and images of parks, streets, churches and a central square.

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(source: 108Morris108 channel youtube)