URGENT Libya – Misurata preparing a FAKE General Khamis Gaddafi (22 October 2012)


General Khamis Gaddafi

ALGERIA ISP / Haraka According Elmokawama Libya, Libyan Resistance request to be careful because the NTC militias PREPARE a big STUNT to justify their barbarism in Bani Walid.

They WILL show a PERSON that LOOKS like the son of the guide, General Khamis Gaddafi. With FOREIGN specialists, they will do COSMETIC surgery to a person AND give him the SAME FACE as the General Khamis Gaddafi.

Source: Libya resisting against the West

Full translation of Saadi Gaddafi Phone Call to Al Arabiya

Translation by I.A Libya

Source: Lizzie Phelan Blog

Saadi: …..There will be a large uprising that will comprise of a number of uprisings which will break out throughout Libya, in the south, the west and in the east, there will not be a region where there won’t be a new peoples uprising.
Broadcaster:  I understand from what you say that have you been in direct contact with people within Libya that there will be an uprising, who have you been in contact with?

Saadi: Of course, I have been in almost daily contact with people within Libya from here in Niger, of course these calls are concerning just the uprising, these are with our family and tribes and the current situation in Libya, and how the people are doing and of course their situation is very very grave since what has happened. I have also been in contact with the militias and the tribes of 17th Feb, members of the NTC and the National Army and let me tell you that approximately  70% of the people in Libya be it, both Pro-Gaddafi and pro 17thFeb, these people 70% are not satisfied with the current situation in Libya and all are ready to rise up and to change the current situation for the good of their country.
Broadcaster: When you say uprising, you mean a “an armed uprising” for example? Continue reading

Assassination attempt on Libyan P.M.

Illegitimate Libya PM


In the Libyan capital Tripoli on Saturday an assassination attempt was made on the Prime Minister of Libya Abdel Rahim al-Kib. However information about the incident did not appear until Sunday.

Al-Kib and a group of his party were attacked on the outskirts of Tripoli in a building belonging to the state radio station.

The Prime Minister was not injured, but two members of his delegation were killed and five were wounded.

It is reported that security forces apprehended two of those involved in the assassination attempt.

Source: The Voice Of Russia

Libya: Saif Gaddafi warns captors about Islamist leaders in new video


With his fingers bandaged after being damaged in Nato air strike outside Bani Walid, Saif even manages a smile after his headdress is carefully removed by one soldier.

They soon learn that although humbled, Gaddafi’s son has not changed his views on the threat posed to Libya by radical Islamists such as Abdulhakim Bilhadj, leader of the Tripoli military council.

Belhadj is believed to have links with the Taliban and al-Qaeda after fighting in Afghanistan with the Mujahiddeen after the Soviet invasion in 1979.

He was later arrested and allegedly tortured by the US Central Intelligence Agency in 2004 before being returned to Libya where he was jailed in Tripoli’s notorious Abu Salim prison before his release in 2010.

Saif warned: “Just give them a couple of months or max one year and you will find out the reality but please don’t deny that on the day Saif al Islam was taken prisoner he warned you of all that.”

Source: The Telegraph

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi Arrested ?

Russia Today tweet announcing Saif Al Islam arrest

Dear readers,

This is the news that came out a few minutes ago from Russia Today. NTC apparently arrested Saif Al Islam in southern Libya.

First of all, I don’t think “arrested” in the right term to be used. We arrest outlaws, criminals. Not heroes who are defending their country and their people. If in any case NTC has Saif Al Islam, it means they abducted him. And most probably, very violently.

Secondly, we all know very well the hundreds of times the NTC lied to mainstream media. This time they said they’ll be coming with a video within hours. Ok then let’s wait and see. But remember when they said they captured Khamis Gaddafi ? Remember when they said they killed Khamis Gaddafi ?

Thirdly, western powers can’t take the risk to have Saif Al Islam going to the ICC and expose secret documents and explain all he knows, in front of world cameras. And trust me, he knows a lot! Rumors say that he already sent secret documents to the ICC prosecutor. ICC didn’t discuss this matter at all. Hence, even if true, they’ll always be able to say they never received anything and destroy the documents. Though, if the NTC has Saif Al Islam under its custody, they’ll soon receive a direct order from their white masters, ordering to kill him.

We’ll be keeping you posted on this matter as soon as more information is available.

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